Where To Find 8 Ancient Stone Tablets In Dragonwing In Patch 1.2

Ancient Stone Tablets in Dragonwing: One of the biggest updates Genshin Impact has received to date has been Patch 1.2, which added the Dragonthorn zone. In this completely snow-covered place, it is possible to obtain a most powerful sword, but for this you must gather a total of 8 ancient stone tablets, as we are going to detail in the following guide.

Find 8 Ancient Stone Tablets in Dragonwing
Find 8 Ancient Stone Tablets in Dragonwing

Where to find 8 ancient stone tablets in Dragonwing

Espinadragón stands out for being an icy mountain full of caves and secret passages through which it is easy to get lost, hence locating the 8 ancient stone tablets that hide its caverns is not an easy task. As you find and interact with them, a glyph will light up in a particular room.

In this room in question a blueprint is hidden to make the four-star sword Argento Estelar de las Nieves.

To find this place you have to go to the Statue of the Seven of Dragonbones since practically below is the cave with the first ancient stone table.

Then you will have to get going to find the 7 remaining tables. So that you don’t get lost around the mountain going around without stopping, you just have to take a look at the following image in which the exact place of each cave that you should visit appears. Of course, there is one of them in particular that will be sealed and you will need three gold boxes to open it.

Even so, if the image is not enough for you, then another option is to watch the following video that shows in more detail the location of each and every one of the ancient stone tablets.

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