How to Find Anime Titles With Images

See screenshots of anime images and want to know the title? Want to know how to find anime titles with images on telegram? Yes…! Just an image is the easy and best way so you can find the anime you want to watch from the image alone.

How to Find Anime Titles With Images
How to Find Anime Titles With Images

How to Find Anime Titles With Images

Have you ever opened social media and saw a screenshot of an anime scene and felt familiar, like you’ve watched the anime or just want to watch the anime but are reluctant to ask for the title?

Well… Now your problem will be resolved soon because this compilation tutorial on how to find anime titles with images on Telegram will be a favorite tutorial for like me, hehe.

How to Search Anime Titles With Images on Telegram Bot

1. Install the Telegram Application

If you don’t have the Telegram application on your cellphone, then you can download the Telegram application for free on the Playstore if you are using an Android phone.

If you have downloaded the Android version of Telegram, you also have to log in/sign up an account with your cellphone number to be able to use the Telegram app!

In addition, you can also download and install the desktop version of the Telegram application on your laptop/pc via the official Telegram application site and then log in with your phone number.

You can use any version of Telegram to be able to follow this tutorial on how to find anime titles with images on Telegram.

2. Open Telegram App Aplikasi

After downloading and installing the Telegram application on your device, you can login or register your cellphone number so that you can use the Telegram application. How to register a telegram account is also very easy and even in my opinion easier than other social media applications.

After completing the process of registering your account or logging in, you can directly use Telegram.

3. Search Bot Accounts To Search Anime Titles

The next step of how to search for anime titles with images is to find a Telegram bot account username that provides services for finding anime titles by simply sending an image. We open the homepage and we click the icon to search at the top right of the Telegram application homepage.

Next we type what anime bot without spaces in the Telegram application search field. Later there will be lots of bot accounts with more or less the same name as what we are looking for.

But what the admin has tested here is an account with the name WAIT: What Anime Is This with a username.

4. Open Telegram Bot Chat Room

After choosing the right account in the third step of the tutorial on how to find anime titles with this image, you can click on the telegram bot account.

Later we will automatically enter the chat room of the telegram bot and there will be a sentence of the introduction and also the account of the telegram bot maker.

When you have entered the Telegram bot chat room, to be able to use the Telegram bot, you must first click “Start”. Well… If you haven’t clicked the “start” button then you won’t be interacting with the telegram bot!

After clicking the “start” button as shown in the image above, the Telegram bot will explain in more detail the step by step steps that you must do so that the Telegram bot can carry out its functions.

Well… After clicking on the start menu, the telegram bot only told us to upload/send an image or screenshot that we want to find the anime title for.

You can get this screenshot or image from anywhere, whether it’s Pinterest, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter and so on. The important thing is that the image you upload to the telegram chat room has a clear character!

5. Enter the Anime Screenshot Result Image

The fifth step of how to find anime titles with images is a continuation of the fourth step earlier. Here I show my test results by uploading or uploading screenshots of the anime “Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-Kun”.

I’m also curious, can this bot be trusted or trusted to find anime titles through the images I screenshot from Google Image.

6. Wait for Anime Title Search Results by Telegram Bot

And Tadaaaaa! This telegram bot immediately provides the full title of the screenshot image I provided. This bot gives me anime titles in Japanese kanji, Japanese Romaji and also titles in English.

Oh yeah, admin’s suggestion if for example, the telegram bot doesn’t respond to the image you sent, it could be that the scene is a bit blurry or less familiar to the bot. You can try with screenshots of other anime images and don’t give up looking for your favorite anime title!

It turns out that in addition to giving the anime title based on the image we sent, this telegram bot also sends a few seconds of footage from the anime scene that we sent the screenshot earlier.

If you are looking for memes from anime footage with screenshots, surely this telegram bot will really help you, right?

The tutorial on how to find anime titles with images on the telegram bot is very easy, isn’t it? The world of telegram bots is actually only easy and difficult to learn at first, if you already understand the tutorial on how to find anime titles with images that have been compiled above, then you will find it easy to use other bots on Telegram.

If you find this tutorial helpful, then you might match up with other tutorials on the compilation site hehe. Don’t forget to share this tutorial with your thousand friends who might need this tutorial like you!

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