How to Play Games on Telegram

To be able to play games on your cellphone, of course, you have to download and install it first. So, do you know that on Telegram we can play games?

Yup, Telegram provides this feature via a bot. The game can be run according to the commands that we make. If you are curious for more details, please check here.

How to Play Games on Telegram
How to Play Games on Telegram

How to Play Games on Telegram

There are quite a lot of game categories available on Telegram. Starting from arcade games, multi-player to trendy ones like Werewolf.

For the example here, I explain to play one of the games that has many categories.

Here are the steps:

1. Find Gamee Bot

First, you have to search for the Gamee bot on Telegram first. The method is like this:

  • Please tap the search icon at the top.
  • Type Game in the search field.
  • Continue to select the Gamee bot.

2. Run Bot

Here you will be directed to the main page of the bot. On this page, please tap on the Start button.

3. Select Game

After tapping start, several command buttons will appear that you can choose to play the game. Follow these steps:

  • First select the Games button.
  • Then if you want to see the game categories, tap the Categories button.
  • Choose a category according to your wishes, for example, I chose the Action genre.
  • Select the game you want to play, for example here Gravity Ninja 2.

4. Play the Game

After the game is selected, the bot will send a message in the form of game media that can be played.

  • Tap the Play Solo button to open the game.
  • If so, all you have to do is tap load the game to play it.
  • Wait a few moments for the game to load successfully.
  • Done.

On the Gamee bot, you can play solo or multiplayer games. Especially for multi-players, you must invite one of your friends’ contacts first.

List of other games that can be played on Telegram

Apart from the Gamee bot, there are many other bots that provide game features on Telegram.

Here are some recommendations:

1. Werewolf

On Telegram, Werewolf is one game that is quite popular. This game you can play with several friends. To do this, search for @Werewolfbot on Telegram.

Then please register and invite the bot to your Telegram group. Later the game can be played immediately.

2. Family 100

This game takes an idea from a show that was once popular on national TV.

As a rule of the game, you have to answer the questions the bot gives to get a score. The one with the highest score, will win.

To play this game, please invite @ fam100bot to the group. Then type the command / Join to start the game.

3. Tic Tac Toe

Tic Tac Toe is a simple game that is usually played by 2 people. On Telegram, you can play the game Tic Tac Toe with a selected contact or a random person.

The trick is to play, search for @oxbot in Telegram search, then tap the Start button and start the game.

4. Uno

This game is interesting to play with several people on Telegram. For those who don’t know Uno, maybe you can check Youtube.

The way to play is more or less the same as some of the previous games, namely by inviting @Unobot to the Telegram group.

Type the command / New to create a new Uno game. Later other players have to type /Join to join the game.

If all players have joined, type the command / Start to start the game.

The final word

In conclusion, to play games on Telegram you can use certain bots. Each game bot has its own requirements so that it can be played. Like having to invite him to enter the group first or can be played immediately by selecting the category as desired.

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