Fortnite Does Not Load The Textures? Here’s How To Solve It

Fortnite Does Not Load the Textures: Fortnite no longer loads the textures while you play and can’t solve the problem after the last update? So here we come to the rescue with this article in which we will explain how to solve this annoying problem without upgrading your PC and without spending a single euro. Read on after the subtitle.

Fortnite Does Not Load the Textures? Here's how to solve it
Fortnite Does Not Load the Textures? Here’s how to solve it

Fortnite Does Not Load the Textures? Here’s how to solve it

To solve the Fortnite problem that does not load the textures, follow the procedure described taking care to carry out every single step properly:

  1. From the main screen of your computer, go to the Windows search bar and type%appdata%,then opening the only folder that will appear there;
  2. Click now at the top of the window that will appear on “Appdata” again to go back to the folder.
  3. Now go to theLocal > FortniteGame > Saved > Config > WindowsClient folder;
  4. You will now find yourself in front of the “GameUserSettings” file. Click on it with the right mouse button and select the “Properties” item and disable in the window that will open the “Read only” option to then apply and confirm your choice;
  5. Now open the “GameUserSettings” file by clicking on it and then in the notepad window that will open, click onEditand then onFindand search for “ScalabilityGroups”. You will now find a group of parameters that you will have to set all to 0 except the “sg.ViewDistanceQuality” item which must remain unchanged;
  6. Now save the modified notepad file by clicking at the top onFileand then onSaveand finally click on it again with the right mouse button going to properties and enable the option Read only again (only if you originally modified it) .
  7. At this point, start Fortnite and the problem should be solved once and for all.

In case the problem still occurs, then make sure that:

  1. Your internet connection is fairly decent (at least 10 Mbps in Down and 5 Mbps in Up);
  2. Your ram memory is at least 8GB in dual channel (and not in single channel);
  3. That Fortnite is installed correctly without any conflict. Maybe to be sure uninstall it and reinstall it again;
  4. That when you play Fortnite all heavy programs that take up computer resources are closed.

We hope to have been useful with this article. If you have any questions, Comment us in the comment box.

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