5 Free Android Games Similar To Stardew Valley

If you like relaxed farming-themed games, of course, you are very familiar with popular games like Stardew Valley or Harvest Moon. Not only are the visuals attractive, but they also have games that make you curious and feel at home.

5 Free Android Games Similar to Stardew Valley
5 Free Android Games Similar to Stardew Valley

Unfortunately, both games are priced quite high on Android. At least you need to prepare more than 100 thousand Rupiah to be able to buy it on the Play Store.

Apparently, similar games can also be found on the Play Store and interestingly, you can play them for free. Of course, not all of these games are as complete as Stardew Valley and Harvest Moon for their game features.

5 Free Android Games Similar to Stardew Valley

Here are five farming-themed games that are quite interesting to play on Android. Apart from being free, this game is also able to fill your spare time in line waiting for public transportation, Work From Home, or to fill your vacation.

Pocket Harvest Lite

This farming game is arguably very light, both from the request for the Android version to play it and for the level of complexity. In this game, you will control what buildings are made, what seeds will be planted, make supporting facilities, and help farmers to become better at work by providing them with equipment.

With 2D visuals, this game is easy to navigate, especially for buying various seeds and placing them in the fields. However, because the object size is relatively small, sometimes players with big fingers often make the wrong choice.

You also need to have a calculation to weigh the profits that come from selling crops, compared to the cost of buying facilities and maintenance costs.

If you are interested in playing the non-lite version of this game, you can buy it for around 60 thousand Rupiah on the Play Store.

Download Pocket Harvest Lite


If you like casual games, then Farmdale will suit your taste. This farming game relies on an energy system and a game that is easy to learn by anyone.

In this game, all you need to do is click and drop to buy and place it in the fields. After planting, you will need to wait sometime for the harvest to be harvested.

Everything you do requires a limited amount of energy and will replenish over time. Good for taking water from a well, watering an apple tree, to clearing a field of rocks and dirt.

Download Farmdate

Dream Farm: Harvest Moon

If you want to find farming, raising livestock, selling, cooking, to grinding flour, then this game has it all. Interestingly, everything can be done as easily as drag and drop.

All the agricultural products you harvest can be processed into higher-priced commodities when compared to selling your crops directly. For that, you just need to be patient waiting for it, because all the elements of the game here take time to finish.

Starting from crops that only take a minute to harvest to tools that take a day. But overall, this game is very interesting to play.

Download Dream Farm

Country Life: Harvest Day

This game has a fairly high similarity with Harvest Moon and Stardew Valley, especially from the game system. The difference is, this game has fewer features than the two big games.

The game features in this game prioritize farming, raising livestock, and building houses to make them more comfortable to live in. Some other things such as interacting with city dwellers, romance, and calendar events are not included.

Even so, this game is still interesting to play because of its similarities to Harvest Moon. It’s just that the interaction button when you want to use tools and talk to other people is placed in the bottom corner of the screen, and the incomplete tutorial will force you to find out a lot for yourself.

Download Country Life

Harvest Master: Farm Sim

If you want to play a farming game with complete features like Harvest Moon or Stardew Valley, then this game is what you are looking for. Besides all the farming features are very similar, this game also provides other features.

Yes, in this game you can interact with the townspeople, give them gifts, and get them interested in you. The benefits of this attraction can take many forms and all are useful for your farming life.

Maybe what can be said is different from Stardew Valley only features fighting monsters, and this game is closer to Harvest Moon. It’s just that the drawback is the frequent appearance of pop-up ads when playing.

Download Harvest Moon

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