Free Fire Space Offers FREE Diamonds and FF Items

Already several websites that offer Diamond and Free Fire items for free and all the web that does not work suddenly disappear like the earth swallowed.

Free Fire Space Offers FREE Diamonds and FF Items
Free Fire Space Offers FREE Diamonds and FF Items

Free Fire Space Offers FREE Diamonds and FF Items

This time there is another web service that offers the same thing, this is FreeFire.Space or it is called Free Fire Space.

What is Free Fire Space?

From our research, Free Fire Space is a website that is located at FreeFire.Space that offers free rare items and diamonds for Free Fire players.

The way it works remains the same as similar web services that have disappeared, namely by choosing which items you want to have and they will send them, but on the condition that they have to follow every step.

What does FreeFire.Space offer?

From the Free Fire Space page, the website offers several rare items, game rewards and diamonds for free. Of course, you shouldn’t be easily tempted by the offer, first understand what the page asks for, don’t be willing to give the email and password in it.

How to Get Items in Free Fire Space

  • Based on what we have tried, the FreeFire.Space page requires visitors to select the item they want to get by clicking the selected item.
  • Then you have to fill in the username in the FF game and choose what cellphone to use, whether Android or iOS or other. Indeed, it looks so promising.
  • Click Start The Transfer Buddy will appear as if loading and displays the confirm button.
  • Click the button, then you will be redirected to the next screen, namely human verification, which is said to be filled in manually.
  • When you click Verify now, you will be presented with a variety of survey questions and it looks like some of them are advertisements that after we tried to solve them, they never successfully resolved.

We think the survey that is displayed is a source of income from this type of website, moreover, one of them is an affiliate ad that requires us to do something like download an application or something.

The final word

Don’t ever be tempted by any offers of free items and diamonds that can be done easily, besides the potential for data theft, your account can also be banned by Garena because this is an illegal act.

Even if you want to try it, just go ahead and you have to bear it at your own risk.

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