How To Get A Free Grass Or Ghillie Suit At PUBG Mobile

Grass or Ghillie Suit: The camouflage suit available in the PUBG Mobile game is called Ghillie Suit, but PUBG Mobile Indonesia players often refer to it as a grass shirt. This suit is very effective on a battlefield with many enemies because it allows players to camouflage between grasses.

How to Get a Free Grass or Ghillie Suit at PUBG Mobile
How to Get a Free Grass or Ghillie Suit at PUBG Mobile

So when enemies attack each other, they can’t know your presence on the battlefield. This is very helpful to get as many kills as possible.

How to Get a Free Grass or Ghillie Suit at PUBG Mobile

The use of grass clothing on the battlefield must also be precise so that the enemy is not easily aware of your presence, you must crawl or tiara between the grass when in the danger zone. However, this shirt is quite difficult to obtain because of the many advantages that can be obtained when using this shirt.

For you PUBG Mobile players who are new or often play the game but still haven’t got it, then there’s no need to worry. Because we will give tips on how to get a grass or ghillie suit at PUBG Mobile.

Tips and Trick to Get Free Grass Shirts (Ghillie Suit) at PUBG Mobile

You can get grass clothes for free from the airdrop, which is an airbox that is dropped by an airplane during a match. Waterdrop will drop using a parachute this is easily known by the enemy, so the struggle to get the shirt is quite dangerous.

In addition, the water drop only drops at a time and is very rare, so the moment when it drops should not go directly to the box because there will be many enemies guarding the box against a distance. To be able to get it, you need to follow the tips and tricks below:

Tips for fighting in the Air Drop Box Medan

Air Drop Box Medan
Air Drop Box Medan

1. Every now and then look up at the sky to find out which planes are passing in the sky while focusing on the enemy.

2. If there is a plane that drops the water drop, then immediately go to the location of the water drop.

3. Make sure your items and weapons are complete and filled so that in the struggle for a water drop will make it easier for you to finish off the enemies around.

4. When approaching the location of the water drop, you should be more vigilant because there are many other players who are in that location.

5. If you have a long-range weapon you better guard it from a distance beforehand to knock out some enemies so that competition will get smaller.

6. If you only have middle-range or close-range weapons, you must take advantage of the enemy’s carelessness when other players go to the water dropbox but do not see you, immediately incapacitate with the middle rangemu’s weapon.

7. If you feel it’s safe, immediately take the item in the water dropbox, but still be aware of who knows there are still enemies approaching.

NB: If you are confused about which weapon is the right fit for you, maybe you can check the recommendations on the 10 Best PUBG Mobile Weapons.

The final word

Well, that’s tips and tricks on how to easily get a grass suit or a ghillie suit at PUBG Mobile. As we know the location of the fall of the water dropbox means opening a new battlefield.

With so many enemies in the location of the water box dro, playing blindly as well as suicide, therefore it takes sensitivity and patience to be able to get loot in the water dropbox. Hopefully, this trick can be useful for all of you and Happy Gaming.

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