6 Free Proxy Sites To Open Blocked Sites

Free Proxy Sites– Have you ever wanted to access a blocked site? And when you want to be accessed through the Google Chrome browser, Mozilla Firefox and other web browsers are still inaccessible, and you start to think, is it true that the website you want to visit really can’t be opened?

Free Proxy Sites To Open Blocked Sites
Free Proxy Sites To Open Blocked Sites

Actually, websites that have been blocked by the government can still be accessed, but accessing websites that have been blocked requires certain techniques.

But now you don’t need to worry about web problems that can’t be accessed, because now there are several sites that can help us open blocked sites, so surely you are confused about what to use?

And surely you will think that you use the most VPN application, right? Or also add ons like Anonymous and other add ons, eits … No, if you think that’s wrong, because here we will introduce some free freeproxy sites that can help you open blocked sites without having to use a VPN application.

What is Free Proxy?

Free Proxy is a site that provides a free proxy that can help internet users to access websites that have been blocked, by using Free Proxy you also don’t need to be afraid of your security being leaked.

FreeProxy manager also guarantees 100% privacy and your search history will not be in publish in public, and of course all your activities while using a free proxy site are safe and your privacy cannot be tracked by hackers or other people.

Now here are some recommendations for Free Free Proxy sites that can help you to access websites that have been blocked.

Free FreeProxy Sites To Open Sites That Have Been Blocked

1. Proxysite.com

Proxysite.com is a free web proxy site that is able to protect your online privacy while browsing the internet, this site is my favorite site to open sites that have been blocked.

The reason I use this proxysite is because when opening the site it is very fast and of course it doesn’t experience any lag. while accessing the site you want to open.

2. KPROXY.com

Kproxy.com is my second free proxy website if the freproxy.com site experiences problems or lags while surfing, this site is different from other proxy websites, this is because they have kproxy pro (premium) features and they also provide free extensions which we can use to access blocked sites.

For the premium version of this web proxy there are many cool features, including servers in various countries, and many other cool features if you upgrade your kproxy account to a premium account.

3. Hide.me

Hide.me is a free anonymous proxy browsing site. This free web proxy can allow you to reopen blocked websites by simply typing the website address into the web address input box in the browse menu anonymously quickly.

4. CroxyProxy

Croxyproxy.comis the most advanced free web proxy service, this one free proxy website supports all types of video hosting sites, search engines, social networks, email services and many other sites which can be browsed quickly.

5. Hidestar Proxy

Hidestar Proxy was created to access sites that are blocked by the best web proxy sites, this one is made by foreigners and has various kinds of servers that are provided for free.

Motto of this web proxy webstar is this Hidestar web proxy is able to balance the VPN application and they claim artificial web proxies they are the best web proxies you should use while surfing blocked sites.

6. Hide My Ass!

Hide my ass is thesame as other web proxies which are useful for opening sites that have been blocked, by using the hide my ass site you don’t need to be afraid anymore when opening sites that cannot be reached by google search because you can access it from the section. anywhere in the world when using the HMA free proxy.

That’s all, the newest free proxy website to date, by using the web proxy that we recommend in this article, from now on you can easily access blocked websites.

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