How to Get Rid of Ads on Google Chrome on a Laptop

The existence of pop up ads (ads that appear suddenly) on a laptop is very annoying. Try some of the ways to get rid of ads on Google Chrome on the laptops.

How to Get Rid of Ads on Google Chrome on a Laptop
How to Get Rid of Ads on Google Chrome on a Laptop

How to Get Rid of Ads on Google Chrome on a Laptop

The existence of advertisements that appear on a laptop or PC is very annoying. Like pollution, these advertisements are internet pollution whose existence must be eliminated.

For that, you need to know several ways to get rid of these ads from your laptop as a solution.

Why do pop up ads keep appearing?

The appearance of advertisements on this laptop can be caused by viruses that run on systems or applications that run without you knowing.

Generally, ads will appear on the Start menu, Cortana, Action Center, or Windows Explorer. Then, how do you get rid of it?

1. How to Get Rid of Ads on Chrome that Always Appear Suddenly

If your laptop starts with a lot of ads that appear, you can get rid of them in the following ways:

To get rid of the pop up ads that appear as a result of this, you can follow the following steps.

  1. Click the Start Menu and open the Control Panel
  2. Select Uninstall a Program
  3. Look for the application that is the cause and you want to uninstall it
  4. If you have found, right click on the application icon, then click Uninstall
  5. Wait until the application uninstall process is complete
  6. After the uninstall process is complete, don’t forget to restart the laptop

What you need to pay attention to is when looking for an application that if it is the cause of the appearance of advertisements on a laptop, try to select an application with a name that is not familiar.

You can also choose applications that you never installed. You can also choose an application with a random name or without an icon.

2. How to get rid of ads that suddenly appear on a laptop / PC

1. Perform Virus Scanning

Ads that appear can also be caused by viruses. The virus itself has many types and one of the most commonly found is Adware. This virus can run even without you knowing.

You only know that an ad suddenly appears with the location appearing anywhere, it could even be found on the desktop.

If you start to find a lot of ads that appear, you can block all advertisements on your laptop by scanning for viruses.

Here’s how to do a virus scanning using Windows Defender.

  1. Open Windows Defender
  2. Tap the Quick option, then tap Scan Now
  3. Wait until the scanning process is complete
  4. If so, remove all viruses that appear and are detected
  5. Restart the laptop

This virus scanning process can not only be done through Windows Defender, you can do it through other anti-virus applications.

2. Delete Temporary Files

Another way to remove ad viruses, which can be done by deleting temporary files. What is a temporary file? Temporary files are a collection of files that are automatically used when the laptop is used. This file has various functions.

However, temporary files can also automatically store data that comes from advertising applications. For that, if ads start appearing on your laptop, you can delete the temporary files as an alternative.

The steps for deleting temporary files are as follows.

  1. Press Windows key + R on the keyboard
  2. Type “Temp” in the search box, then press Ok
  3. If so, a new window will appear
  4. Delete all folders and files present there
  5. Press Windows key + R again on the keyboard
  6. Type “% temp%”, then click Ok
  7. Delete all folders and files that appear
  8. After the deletion process is complete, don’t forget to restart your laptop

3. How to Remove Ads on Google Chrome Windows 10

1. Change Windows Settings

Especially for Windows 10 users, advertisements often appear suddenly. Ads that appear can usually be found on the Start menu, Notifications, Taskbar, or File Explorer.

However, you don’t need to worry, you can get rid of pop up ads on a PC or laptop that uses this OS in the following ways.

  1. Open the settings menu, click the System menu and select Notifications
  2. Select Off on the column “Show me The Window …”
  3. Open the Settings menu again, then select the Personalization menu
  4. If so, click the Start menu, then set Showing Suggestion to Off mode
  5. Open the Settings menu again and select the Notifications menu
  6. Select Off in the column “Get Tips, …”
  7. Finally, open Explorer, then click View
  8. Deactivate the Sync Provider Notifications column

2. Reinstall Windows

If the method in the previous point has not produced results, you should reinstall the Windows that you have.

That way, it is likely that the virus will disappear 100 percent. However, make sure that after the install process, all data stored on Drive must be erased.

Because, this virus does not only attack data in the application or drive system, but can also be found on all drives. Ads are very annoying. For that, if ads start appearing frequently, you must immediately delete them.

There are many ways you can do to remove ads. Andall the 5 waysaboveyou can doto get rid of it.

Causes of Pop Up Ads Always Appear Suddenly

As explained above, it could be that advertisements that appear are caused by an application that is running without you knowing.

If in recent times you have installed an application, this could be the reason. Because, some applications that are less trustworthy are sometimes very likely to display advertisements.

This kind of application sometimes even without you knowing it is already on the laptop, even without you having installed it before. They come from other applications at the time of the installation process.

So, those were some ways to get rid of ads on Chrome. Make sure the method you use matches the cause of the appearance of the ad. If various methods do not work, you should reinstall Windows so that the virus is completely 100 percent clean.

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