How To Open Blocked Sites Easily

Open Blocked Sites: At present some websites are spread on the internet, not a few that have been blocked by the government. Considering that there is already a law about ITE, the government has blocked websites that violate the law. Usually, if a government-blocked site leads to a government-owned Positive Internet site.

How to Open Blocked Sites Easily
How to Open Blocked Sites Easily

However, there are also websites that seem trivial and don’t even violate the law but are on the block list. This is very disturbing because maybe we need the site for some purpose. So, how do youopen a government-blocked site? Check out a few ways to open the followingblocked sitesbelow.

How to open a site that is blocked by positive internet

There are so many ways to open sites that are blocked by the government, operators, and ISPs that have been scattered on the internet. But here will be selected a few to share how to open the site that is blocked most easily of all the existing methods.

1. Open a Blocked Site with VPN

VPN or a connection from the Virtual Proxy Network allows you to connect from ordinary connections to other networks via the internet.

VPN can also access websites blocked from certain operator and ISP networks which can then change your IP address to a different place. To use VPN, you must download the VPN to be able toopen sites that are blocked by positive internet.

The function of the VPN itself is as a tunnel that converts data into a value that is difficult for anyone to recognize. There are many free and inexpensive VPN services that can be used to surf the internet without interruption.

In addition to opening blocked sites, VPN can also make your connection encrypted and make it difficult for someone to track.

If you really want to secure data so that it is not easily tracked by someone, it is recommended to use TOR Browser and combined with VPN. Because TOR Browser itself can disguise data from your device. The most recommended VPN services are PIA (Private Internet Access), ExpressVPN, and NordVPN.

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2. Using Proxies to Open Blocked Sites

Have you ever when using public wifi and the wifi limits access to websites that even the website does not violate the law ?. Restrict access to certain websites such as streaming video, social networking, or even email services.

You can use this one method, which is using a proxy. But how to open a blocked site using a proxy is not as safe when using VPN.

On the internet, there are hundreds of sites that provide web proxies that you can use for free to open blocked sites. A proxy website becomes a means between the user and the server site.

With a proxy you can blemish a blocked site from an ISP and make it possible to access a blocked website. To get a proxy to open a blocked site, you can search for it on Google.

3. Open a Site that is blocked with Browser Extensions

If you want to open a website that is blocked by the government and leads to positive internet, then you should try a browser extension to be able to access it. Hola and TouchVPN are two of the many extensions you can use to access blocked websites in Chrome, Firefox, and other broswer.

You can search for extensions by typing into Google search with keywords such as “Google Chrome VPN Extension” or “Firefox VPN Extension”. Then a lot of extension options will appear that you can use for free.

4. How to Open a Blocked Site with ProxySite

How to open a blocked site on this one is the simplest and easiest method. ProxySite is a site that provides services to open blocked sites easily. You can access the ProxySite site byclicking here.

Using it is very easy, just enter the address of the site you want to open in the URL field. You can also choose from which countries you want to open blocked sites. If choosing US means the site will be accessed through the United States, with EU being from Europe or Europe.

There are several ways to open blocked sites that are the easiest and most effective way to avoid positive internet. There are many ways to open sites that are blocked by the government. Which method do you think is the most effective?

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