PUBG Mobile | Tips And Tricks From Pro Player

Battle Royale ‘genre became a new trend in the world of mobile gaming and E-Sports in the mid-decade of 2010, in which the game Player Unknown’s Battleground (PUBG) Mobile and Fortnite were at the forefront.

PUBG Mobile | Tips and Tricks from Pro Player
PUBG Mobile | Tips and Tricks from Pro Player

PUBG Mobile | Tips and Tricks from Pro Player

The popularity of the PUBG Mobile game has also skyrocketed among gamers. For this time, we will share tips on playing PUBG Mobile so that they can be as good as pro players.

1. Confident With Yourself

The player who is usually called by his team mate, there is a fairly long process to be able to improve skills and become a professional player like now.

According to him in an interview with Nimo TV, the process was needed to make a player more humble and not have harmful behavior because he had gone through the stages from the bottom before achieving success.

2. Play often with players who are better at it

To be able to improve playing skills in PUBG-Mobile quickly, a player must play a lot with other players who are more proficient. The goal is of course to be able to take lessons from the gameplay of these players and improve their skills.

If you feel you are quite proficient with your current abilities, it is recommended to try playing in ‘1 vs Squad’ mode. The aim is to determine how far a player can keep himself and survive under pressure when playing alone.

3. Use Powerful Gadgets

Although this Tencent Games game output has a minimum specification that is not too heavy, Jeixy acknowledged the selection of gadgets that are capable of influencing player performance to improve his skills.

The point is actually in its FPS (Frame per Second) capacity; between Apple’s output gadget with the Android spec it must be different from each other. Don’t choose gadgets with lower level specifications because of the frequent lags that will interfere with performance when fighting.

4. Good communication with teammates

As with team games in general, aspects of inter-team communication become primary. Shooting is number three; communication remains the most important. The problem is, although for example he is good, if for example during the game he often leaves his teammates, there is even a loss. Besides communication also affects the strategy or positioning.

“Communication and the aspects of maturity and experience of the players are very influential on the translation of strategy when playing in teams,” explained the captain of the EVOS Esports PUBG Mobile division.

5. Use Comfortable Weapons

Although PUBG-Mobile has a choice of weapons that vary with varying levels of damage and recoil, Jeixy is more concerned with comfort aspects in choosing weapons and other supporting items, such as grips.

“Choose the weapon that best suits our character, because everyone has their own choices,” he added.

As it turns out, playing PUBG Mobile doesn’t rely solely on shooting skills. Hopefully the tips and tricks provided by us were useful and made you even more skilled on the battlefield.

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