How To Get Groza Weapons In Free Fire

Free fire is a mobile game where players will enter the battle arena to become number one, this can be called a battle royal. In Free Fire there is one weapon that is painful, namely Groza.

How to Get Groza Weapons in Free Fire
How to Get Groza Weapons in Free Fire

Groza is a weapon with close and medium range combat specialists. Groza also has great damage and is quite easy to use, so this weapon is often the target of players when fighting.

This weapon is quite rare to find, only a few units are available on the map. So, where is the Groza weapon in the free fire? Therefore, AyGek will give you tips on how to easily get Groza weapons in Free Fire

But before doing the tips you need to read about the 8 Best Free Fire Weapons, who knows there are other best weapons that might be easier to get at the beginning of the game so that it can be easier for you to compete with other players in the race for Groza.

Tips on Getting Groza Weapons in Free Fire

1. Take Air Drops that Fall from the Plane

In the free fire game provides various places to be able to get weapons, such as buildings, houses, and through the water drop dropped by the aircraft when the game is starting. This water drop contains a lot of war equipment, most likely Groza weapons are also contained in the water dropbox.

Then how do you find the air dropbox that the plane dropped? Airdrop boxes are dropped from planes in different places and never the same in every game. When the water drop is lowered, there is a signal with vertical yellow light up that can be seen from a distance.

Usually, at the location of the water drop down, there are many other players heading to the area, so you need to be careful and use weapons that are easy for you to use right away to fight with other players.

In addition, there are special tricks so you can quickly find the city of water drop, so you can pick up items in the box quickly before other players find the box. You occasionally need to pay attention to the sky area, to see whether there is a plane passing or not. If a plane passes, make sure you get close to the speed of the plane and don’t let your guard down.

2. Using the AirDrop Caller Item

Did you know that in the free fire game there are items that allow you to bring a water dropbox to your location. This item is not free, you need to spend 15 diamonds to be able to buy an airdrop caller item. How to use this item is quite easy, you just need to throw the water drop caller item at your location.

Wait for a few seconds until the water drop comes your way, but you need to be careful not to get below right when the water drop falls, because you can die crushed.

In addition, you also need to be careful when calling water drop, because other players can know that there is a water drop that drops so other players will go to your location. The airdrop caller item has a cooldown system, where you can use this item after your character gets off the plane and waits for 8 minutes of play.

3. Using Treasure Chest Items

In addition to presenting water drop call items for instant loot, you can also use treasure chest items . This item is also not obtained free of charge, you have to buy it for 15 diamonds and interestingly you can buy it using in-game money of 300 cash.

The function of this item is to direct you to the location of treasure chests containing weapons, ammunition, and other combat equipment. When you are at the location specified by the treasure chest item, you can bring up the chest and start looting instantly.

You also need to be careful when the location of the chest appears, maybe the enemy has been watching your movements, and waiting for the moment when you bring up the chest and begin to finish you off to get items from the chest.

4. Take Groza Weapons from other Players

The last way you can use when failing to get Groza from the water drop is to take the weapon from the person who brought it. You might be fortunate to meet an enemy carrying Groza weapons, which he got from the instant dropout item above and was able to defeat him.

But usually, the enemy who gets the Groza weapon from the water drop which is derived from the plane has a pretty good game skill because it managed to win the race for the water drop.

The final word

That’s the tips and places to get Groza weapons in free fire. The point in getting Groza is that you have to be very good at taking advantage of opportunities and honing your battle skills because the enemy also wants these weapons.

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