Top 6 Weapons In PUBG

Weapons in PUBG: Battle Royale kind of one of the most popular games PLAYERUNKNOWN’S Battlegrounds ‘ ta (PUBG) 100 players trying to survive on a map. As soon as players land on the map, they start collecting weapons and equipment. Since weapons and equipment are limited in PUBG, it is very important for survival.

Top 6 Weapons in PUBG
Top 6 Weapons in PUBG

Players compete against time while collecting weapons and equipment, as the area is constantly shrinking over a period of time. Players who are out of the game area are gradually decreasing.

For this reason, it is very important to collect weapons and equipment tosurvive in PUBGand to strive to be in the playing field while performing this operation. In this post, we‘vecompiled the 6 best weapons inPlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

6 Best Weapons in PUBG

Ifyou have just started or want to startPUBG,you may want to know the best weapons, because you must have pretty good equipment to survive the game.

1. AWM

AWMis asniper rifle located in PUBG.AWMis not for every player as it requires a lot of patience. If you have AWM, a highly successful sniper rifle, you may need to be in the same position for a long time. You should not miss your shots withAWM. If your shot does not hit, your place will be exposed and as a result, you can die within seconds.

2. Mini 14

The Mini 14is a semi-automatic weapon that supports many accessories.Mini 14is not very common on the map. If you attach 8X binoculars to the Mini 14, which deals a lot of damage from close range, it can also turn into a deadly weapon from a long distance. The ammunition type of the Mini 14 is5.56 mm.

3. AKM

One ofthe most preferred weapons inPUBG,AKM‘s ammunition type is7.62 mmand deals more damage than other assault rifles. It is a very effective weapon both at close range and at long range.AKMis the weapon with the most damage among other assault rifles in PUBG.

4. S1897

S1897, which is quite common on the map, is very effective from close range. For this reason, it is recommended to have theS1897pump rifle in the second gun slot.S1897is a great advantage in environments where you canengage in close-range conflicts such as buildings. Although it is not very fast, you can hunt the enemy with one correct shot.

5. UMP-9

The most powerful weapon among the submachine guns, theUMP-9is highly effective at medium range. A very popular weapon among gamers, theUMP-9has a low recoil rate. Various plug-ins can be attached to theUMP-9, which has a high rate of fire, making it even easier to use. The ammunition type of UMP-9 is9 mm.

6. Beryl M762

The Beryl M762has a fast rate of fire, but itkicksback a lot. For this reason, it is easier to control theBeryl M762assault rifle at long range.Beryl M762has threemodes: single, triple and fully automatic. The ammunition type ofBeryl M762is 7.62 mm.

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