How To Open Pets In Free Fire Game

Garena Free Fire is a battle royale mobile game that is in high demand. Unlike other battle royale games like PUBG Mobile or Call of Duty Mobile, Free Fire has a character and pets system that adds to its uniqueness.

In order to have both, players generally have to buy Diamonds, or other free methods. Each character and pets have unique skills in battle to give certain advantages compared to other players, making it easier to win the game. Then, how to open pets on Free Fire ?

How to Get Free Fire Pets in the Game Store

The simplest way to get pets in Free Fire is to buy directly in the game store using Diamonds. Each pet has a different gift, depending on what they can do. Some pets have cooler looks than others, and some pets have skills while others don’t. Prizes start from 100 Diamonds to several hundred Diamonds.

Here’s how to find and buy pets at the Free Fire Store using Diamonds.

  • In the main lobby of Free Fire, tap the Store button on the left side of the phone screen.
  • In the Store , players will see the pet tab on the right side.
  • There you will see all the pets that are available in the store. It should be noted, not all pets will be in the store.
  • Pets with better skills need to use more Diamonds, while pets without skills are cheaper.

How to GetPetson theAirdropSpecial

On Free Fire, players will occasionally get SpecialAirdrop, the contents are items and pets for only IDR 3,000. The cheap price will make Free Fire players tempted to buy it, opportunities like this should not be missed. However, Special Airdrop appears randomly in the game , so players will not find it every time.

Here’s how the player can get Special Airdrop more often.

  • Clear data and cache from Free Fire:

 Go to Settings ->Applications -> FreeFire -> ClearData/ClearCache.

  • Only play Classic mode for a month, do not yet play Rank or Clash Squad mode, later players will get more Special Airdrop.
  • Don’t buy Diamonds and Members yet , because Free Fire will prioritize players who use fewer promotions.

How to Open Pets in Free Fire Game

The previous method requires players to pay so they can get pets on Free Fire. But if you want to get pets for free, you can. Here’s how to get pets on Free Fire for free.

Top-Up Event

This method is most common for getting free pets at Free Fire. In addition, pets in this program are often the newest and still warm.

First, the player must buy the required number of Diamonds and the player will have pets for free. As for Diamonds that have been purchased, players can use them to buy other items.

Get on theEventOther

During holidays or holidays, Free Fire will usually share it for free or charge very cheap prices to pets that are old or not popular anymore.

Get FreeDiamondsfrom the Application

There are many apps on the Google Play Store that will give you money from filling out surveys, watching advertisements, or playing games. Players can use this money to buy Diamonds or other promos on Free Fire to have pets.

To conduct surveys and get money, players should download the Google Opinion Rewards application. Players can get up to $ 1 (Rp.14,532) by completing surveys in this application.

WhichPetsShould Have First?

Not all pets in Free Fire have skills that will make players stronger in the combat arena and not all pets have the same skills. So, if the budget is low, you should choose strong pets first, rather than choosing pets without skills.

Here are five of the best Free Fire pets that must be purchased first: Shiba, Robo, Spirit Fox, Detective Panda, Falco.

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