God Of War Cheats | How To Defeat All Bosses

We insert the tricks and the guideGod of War, the game developed by Santa Monica Studio is available as an exclusive PS4 – PS4 Pro. Specifically, we provide you with the guides todefeat all the bossesin the game, evaluating the various combat strategies and tactics.

God of War Cheats | How to Defeat All Bosses

God of War is the eighth installment in the series, a direct sequel to God of War III. This new chapter we can not consider it as a real reboot of the franchise, however bringing the series into the world of Norse mythology (the previous chapters were based on Greek mythology).

The protagonist of the series, Kratos, then returns as the main character, flanked by his son namedAtreus. Kratos will be a mentor and protector for his son, mastering the anger that has dragged him along over the years.

Below you will also find the guide on how to unlock all the God of War collectibles and unlock Trophies, weapons, upgrades.

God of War Guide: How to Defeat the Fire Troll Boss

TheTrollare mini bosses to deal with several times throughout the game. Confronting them is not very difficult, but the first Troll you challenge you will have to defeat him without any skills.

One of the most congenial strategies is tothrow the ax at the Troll, recalling it immediately afterwards. The troll will always try to get close to you, in these cases you will have to dodge his blows; when the R3 key appears on the Troll’s head, it’s time to kill him.

God of War Guide: How to Defeat the First Unknown Boss

Thefirst Bosswe meet in the adventure is not a gigantic creature as one would expect, but anunknown manwho claims to know who we are, challenging us in battle.

The combat is divided into several phases, you have to pay attention to the zone attacks that the unknown warrior will launch at us. We therefore dodge its attacks when we see the red attack indicator, this type of attack in fact cannot be parried, only dodging it will not receive damage.

God of War Guide: How to Defeat the Fire Golem Soul Eater Boss

TheGolem Soul Eateris resistant to all attacks, his only weakness is in the chest, when he opens his chest, you will see a big red light and begin to shoot fireballs. You have to dodge these attacks, using one of the four pillars in the room to hit it.

When his chest opens you can damage Soul Eater by throwing the ax at him, just avoid getting too close, the Soul Eater will destroy the ground and damage anything close to it.

God of War Guide: How to Defeat the Ogre Boss

This type of monster was already present in the saga and now reappears in a Norse version. TheOgre bossis not a very fast monster even if he is strong enough, so you will have to stay on the move to avoid getting caught.

The most congenial attack against this boss is theLeviathan, we throw the ax at Ogre’s head to stun him momentarily, here we can take advantage of it to counterattack quickly.

So let’s try to always stay at a safe distance and when a red circle appears on the Ogre’s head, we can climb on his shoulders to finish him off.

God of War Guide: How to Defeat the Dark Elf King Boss – Svartaljofurr

The first real boss is found at the end of the Alfheim mission. As you leave the Temple of Light, the Dark Elf King grabs Kratos. The boss, instead of firing once with his staff, will fire a volley of explosive shots that open like grenades after a few seconds.

He is fast and likes to hide, so launch attacks from a distance. We can only parry when it flies and attacks three times in mid-air. When he loads his staff and dashes towards you, dodge or he’ll break your guard.

Sometimes, while hiding, he will leave behind explosive shots to distract you and keep you from attacking. Keep shooting Atreus to distract him and don’t bother throwing your ax, most of the time the King will block the ax before you can deal damage.

When a cloud of darkness calls, keep moving and wait. You cannot target him while in the dark, he will try to blow you up instead of showing himself.

God of War Guide: How to Defeat the Boss Hraezlyr (The Dragon)

This huge dragon lives in caves, you will have to be quick with your mind to take down this beast without too much trouble.

Phase 1

The trick to defeating Hræzlyr is to search for the roots of the Yggdrasil tree along the arena. These items will allow you to collect Shatter Crystals, which you can then throw at Hræzlyr while the creature is preparing to attack you with electrical attacks.

Wait for the right moment, then hit with the shattered crystal to stun the beast , causing it to fall to the ground, exposing a weak spot along the top of its head. Run and hit this spot as far as possible until the beast gets up.

At this point, go back and try to avoid the attacks. During this phase of the battle you will have to avoid or dodge the lightning attack. Of course, you will always have to try to attack the boss with a crystal every time he gets up to make a lightning attack. Repeat this tactic until the start of the second phase of the battle.

Phase 2

Once Phase 2 begins, you will find Hræzlyr changing tactics. After moving to the opposite side of the arena, the massive dragon will focus on stepping on you and attempting to claw Kratos.

Avoid these attacks – you can dodge the claw blows – and run forward to attack the beast’s claws for small damage. After you damage it enough, it will start attacking with lightning-based attacks , at which point you can throw Shatter Crystals on the dragon. Once they explode, they will stun the beast, giving you a chance to swoop down with deadly blows.

God of War Guide How to defeat the boss Magni and Modi

Magni and Modifight together, but at the start of the battle they will attack in turns. Magni uses a heavy sword, while Modi prefers a stronger defense with his shield / hammer combo.

Watch out for Modi’s lightning attack. He will bow to the ground and draw electricity from the sky, blasting the area around him. It also throws a small explosive ball of energy that explodes on contact, like a grenade.

When they take too much damage, they will summon a storm. Look at the red danger compass marker and turn around to face them. They will try to attack from the fog.

During the second phase of the fight, they will charge their weapons with electricity. When Magni’s sword sparkles with the power of light, dodge left or right to avoid her ranged attack.

God of War Guide: How to Defeat the Bridge Keeper Boss

This advanced version of the common troll can teleport before attacking , making his moves more unpredictable. The boss will summon small energy balls that travel very slowly.

Dodge these attacks by paying attention to the monster that will teleport away from you, this means it is about to launch ranged attacks. It will launch waves of icy energy, in which case you won’t have Atreus to help you.

Keep moving and use anger when you are low on health to recover.

God of War guide: How to defeat the boss Grendel of the Ashes & Grendel of the Frost

This is a quick boss that appears at the end of Tyr’s Vault. There are two trolls that you will have to face simultaneously, and both have the ability to heal, one of them will only heal when his twin reaches maximum health. We must therefore damage them both.

Attach them both to make them slowly collapse. They fight like any other troll. The frost troll is immune to ice magic , while the ash troll is immune to fire magic.

God of War Guide How to defeat the final boss Baldur

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