Google Home | A Smart Speaker to Control Your Home With Your Voice

Discover the functions of Google Home, a smart speaker that allows you to control different devices in your home using just your voice.

Google Home, A Smart Speaker to Control your Home With your Voice

Google Home | A Smart Speaker to Control Your Home With your Voice

Imagine that, just with your voice, you can lower the blinds and, at the same time, turn on the lights; or schedule the heating to turn off when you go on a trip.

Google Home is a smart speaker (smart speaker in English), equipped with a virtual assistant, with which you can control other connected devices such as lighting, blinds or the security of your home.

With Google Home you can check the traffic status, the weather forecast, make calls, add reminders, play music and control your home automation with your voice.

To turn it onyou just have to say “Ok Google” and it will be ready for you to ask questions or require some action.

What is Google Home for?

Control your home

Link the rest of your smart devices (lighting, air conditioning, security, access, blinds, etc. as long as they are compatible products) and manage them without the need for a mobile.

For example, when you leave home you can say “Ok Google, I’m leaving home” and Google Home will automatically connect the alarm. You can also create various scenarios: for example, if you say “Ok Google, movie mode”, it will turn on your Smart TV and turn off the light (if you have previously arranged it).

Play Music

Ask Google Home to tune to a specific radio station or search for a specific playlist, whether it’s hosted on your phone or from a music service like Spotify or Google Play Music.

With the voice command “Ok Google, give me the list to relax” it will play the list with the name of the music service that you use the most.

Plan your day

Ask him to remind you of the agenda you have for the day, inform you about the weather forecast, the state of traffic to work or review the most important headlines of the day.

Perform tasks

Make the grocery list while you cook or go through the pantry. Also ask him to remind you of things, such as where the keys are (if you have told him before), or to announce voice messages to notify the house that you are arriving, that dinner is ready or that you have put on the movie that you will all see together.

Manage alarms

Schedule as many alarms as you want.

Get information

Ask Google any question and it will offer you the corresponding information. For example: “Ok Google, how much does a metro ticket cost in Madrid?”.

How does Google Home work?

In addition to having the functions of conventional smart speakers, Google Home can be connected to otherdevicesin your smart home (security, lighting, blinds, air conditioning, etc.), as long as they are compatible products, so that you cancontrol them with your voice.

Google Home’s virtual assistant, Google Assistant, is controlled by voice commands, for which an Internet connection via Wi-Fi is necessary since it processes your requests and responses in the “cloud”.

It is a software (computer program) prepared to receive our requests and carry them out, an artificial intelligence that learns as we interact with it, so the more interaction there is, the better its responses will be.

Google Home can also be controlled through itstouch surface, either to turn it on or off, raise or lower the volume, pause music and activate the virtual assistant. It also has a button to mute the microphone and the LED lights on the top let you know what it is doing at all times.

The device recognizes as many users as you want: it will identify the different voices and tastes of each one according to their preferences. For example, if your daughter wants to put her list of songs to do yoga through the device, it will play the ones she saved and not those of another user.

How do I start using Google Home in my house?

To set up the Google Home device you need to install the Google Home and Google app on your smartphone or tablet, a Google account and a secure Internet connection.

The Google Home application will guide you through the various steps you must follow to configure the device as well as the rest of the connected objects in your home.

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