3 Tips for Great Headshot on PUBG Mobile

Player Unknown’s Battle Grounds (PUBG) Mobile is indeed one of the most popular battle royale games. Here are the tips to be good at headshot on PUBG Mobile.

Around 50 million players accessPUBG Mobilein the world in a day. To become a winner or get Winner Winner Chicken Dinner, every player needs the right tactics.

3 Tips for Great Headshot on PUBG Mobile
3 Tips for Great Headshot on PUBG Mobile

3 Tips for Great Headshot on PUBG Mobile

In addition, individual abilities to aim and shoot at opponents must also be possessed. Just a little wrong aim, the enemy can know our position. Therefore, consider the following tips so that the accuracy of your shots is better and you can get a headshot.

1. Adjust the settings

Before the game starts, enter the settings first. Make sure your setup is one that makes you comfortable playing. Things to note are the layout of the buttons, the color of the crosshair that is most comfortable on the eyes, and the level of sensitivity.

Well, this level of sensitivity can affect shooting accuracy. That way, it’s not impossible for you to do a headshot and get point kills easily in one shot.

You can also adjust the crosshair to be at the Head Level to make it easier to lock on to the enemy’s head. What is important, this setting needs to be adjusted to the playing comfort you feel.

You can just copy the settings suggested by pro players. However, if you are not used to it and have difficulty using it, it will certainly be in vain.

Everyone must have their own settings that are suitable for them, so do you. So, you should try it yourself until you get a comfortable setting.

2. Find the right weapon

A wide selection of weapons is available at PUBG Mobile. However, you certainly won’t be able to immediately choose a weapon when you just get off the plane. You can use the available weapons first so you can survive in the early game.

If the situation looks conducive and you are equipped with weapons, then you can loot or look for other weapons freely. One of the most lethal and easy to find weapons is the Kar98. This weapon has great damage.

Meanwhile, if you see water drops, chances are you can get the most important deadly weapons, namely AWM and M24. With these two weapons, you can immediately kill your opponent with one shot right in the head.

3. Continue to practice your aim

Of course, you will get better at headshot with lots of practice. You can take advantage of the Training Mode and practice your aim there while looking for weapons that you can rely on and are most comfortable using. Later, you will get used to using weapons and their accessories.

For example, the use of scope, crosshair and recoil. The use of this scope must be continuously trained so that when you find a crosshair enemy it will easily lock the opponent’s head. For recoil, you have to train because it affects the accuracy of shooting enemies.

Meanwhile, you also have to train your aim to a place that might be the enemy’s hideout, for example in narrow windows, roofs of buildings, on cliffs, and so on.

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