Here Is How To Check Samsung IMEI

Check Samsung IMEI: In the realm of Android phones, Samsung is a brand that can be said to be complete. The products that were issued seemed to reach various circles. There are mobile phones that cost in the lower middle range, there is also a middle to upper class. Everything depends on the needs of its users.

Here is How to Check Samsung IMEI
Here is How to Check Samsung IMEI

Here is How to Check Samsung IMEI

Basically, want cheap or expensive are both used to communicate. Everyone’s different choices are based on different needs. Some are only used for communication, work, entertainment, and others. For example, for the needs of photography, the user usually chooses a cellphone that has good camera quality.

Some people prefer to buy a cellphone in a new state. However, there are also those who prefer to buy a used cellphone. Whatever the reason, buying a used cellphone needs more attention because it often doesn’t come in a complete state. One that should be our concern is IMEI.

The first thing we have to do when we want to buy a used cell phone is to check the IMEI of the cellphone. Just like when we applied for a job or list of lectures, the first thing requested was identity. Because identity is what will become the differentiator between humans, and for identity phones it is called IMEI.

Definition of IMEI

IMEIis short forInternation Mobile Equipment Identity. His form in the form of a row of unique numbers that vary for each cellphone.

The number is an identification number issued by the GSM Association ( GSMA ) for each GSM card slot produced by the mobile phone manufacturer. Like a human being, IMEI is a NIK for cellphones.

So, one IMEI number will not be owned by two cellphones. IMEI can be a differentiator even if the cell phone is one brand or one type. Like humans, it is impossible for one KTP to be owned by two people. Rows of numbers are very useful to ensure and explain many things about the cell phone.

The Importance of Knowing IMEI

Now, indeed there are still many people who do not know how important it is to know IMEI. If you ask people around, does he know the IMEI of his cellphone? Does he have a safe record of the IMEI? Most likely he will answer no. For that, let’s discuss the importance of knowing IMEI.

1. Prevent Fraud

IMEI will be useful if you want to buy a used cellphone. You can match the IMEI listed on the phone with the IMEI printed on the box. Supposedly, the IMEI listed on both is the same. If it’s different, it’s certain that the box isn’t the original cell phone box.

2. Provide Information About Cellphones

If you need information on a cellphone, an IMEI number will be very helpful. You can visit theIMEI.infowebsite and then enter the IMEI number of the cellphone you have. After that, detailed information will be displayed about the cellphone, including the year of release, the manufacturer, and the cellphone model.

3. Useful if the cellphone is lost or stolen

IMEI will be useful if your cellphone is lost or stolen. The IMEI number can be used to report the loss to theContact CenterorService Center. From there you can find out the repair history of the unit which can then be used to inform user data after the phone is lost based on the system.

4. Trace Illegal Cellphones

It was recently rumored that in 2020 the government would block illegal mobile phones. So, if the cell phone is illegal, the operator will block it so that the device cannot be used properly. That’s the importance of us buying a mobile legally, don’t just be tempted at a cheap price.

Providerscan ‘turn off’ a cellphone through an IMEI number. Later, stolen cell phones and stolen cellphones cannot be used because the IMEI is not officially registered or is reported missing. If that’s the case, no matter how good the cell phone will be of no use.

From this we know that the IMEI number is very useful to know. This series of numbers will provide many benefits for matters relating to our own cellphones. It is not wrong if we analogize the IMEI of a cellphone like a human ID card.

Check Samsung IMEI

After knowing the meaning of IMEI and the importance of knowing IMEI, now is the time to find out how to check IMEI. There are two ways that can be used to check IMEI on Samsung devices. Both are not difficult at all, so anyone can do it. So, see carefully yes, the steps.

1. Through the Keypad

  • First open thekeypadon your cellphone like the picture above.
  • Type code* # 06 #.
  • After that, press thecallbutton , as if we check pulses.
  • Then the IMEI number will appear on the screen immediately. On some phones you don’t even need to press thecallbutton because the IMEI number will appear immediately after the command code is finished typing.

How to check Samsung IMEI applies to all types of mobile phones with various types and brands. For the examples listed above we can see there are IMEI1 and IMEI2. Why are there two IMEIs in one cellphone? Because the picture above is the result of a screenshot of the Samsung Galaxy S8 which has two SIM card slots.

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