Here Is Solution To ‘Forget Gmail Password’

Forget Gmail password: Gmail account is very crucial for android users where this account functions as a google account which is a gateway in accessing various features, applications, to use the android itself.

Here Is Solution To 'Forget Gmail Password'

Various kinds of personal data are stored in the account.

We usually save the password so that you don’t have to bother entering the password multiple times.

Here is Solution to ‘Forget Gmail password’

    • First open the google page as usual then tap the gmail section.
    • Then we will be asked to enter your email address and password as usual. If we really forget, then tap the forgot password section at the bottom.
    • After that, Google will ask for the mobile number that was registered when creating an account. Because, Google will send a verification code to the number. Did we register a cellphone number when creating an account?
    • If we have entered a number, Google will display the last 2 numbers from the number we gave. After that, we wait for the verification code to be sent via sms at the normal rate. When the verification code arrives, we enter the code to proceed to the next step to recover our account.
    • After the code is declared correct then the next step is Google will send a verification email to another account that we register as a backup when we forget the password, like now.

After entering another email password, Google will send a verification number which we must enter again. If it works, then there will be a new password field that we must fill.

Then we will access our Gmail account again. Don’t forget to note down the password in a safe place.

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