How To Add The Colored Background To Your Facebook States

Colored Background to Your Facebook States – Are you starting to see strange colored states on your Facebook wall ? Don’t worry, you are not hallucinating, it is only Facebook that is testing a new feature to bring some color on the bulletin boards all over the world and to enrich short textual states with that extra glance.

How to Add the Colored Background to Your Facebook States

The functionality does not have a precise name: in English we speak of ”Colored status backgrounds“, or rather the classic personal states characterized by acolored background.

At the moment the function is only accessible from Android, that’s why you can find this article / guide on the pages.

Add the Colored Background to Your Facebook States

In reality, these states can beviewed from any device, be it a mobile device withAndroidoriOS, or a desktop or laptop PC with any browser. The beauty is that these are not real images that someone will be able to save and reshare, for example, buttextual states characterized by different graphics, which are more noticeable.

Colored States Facebook Android

So how do you create these colorful states on Facebook? As mentioned at the moment it is necessary to have anAndroid smartphone or tablet availableto access this novelty.

No special versions of Facebook or procedures to follow to activate it are required. The functionality is rollout in Italy and you should already have it active on your device.

Once you have entered theFacebook app, justclick onWhat am I thinking?and press on the field to insert the text. You will seethe color palette tochoose from for creating your colorful Facebook status.

As you can see from the images below,there are 7 colors to choose from, some of which have a gradient effect. Once you have chosen the color you can write your post and view it on the bulletin board a bit like the one we linked above.

By pressing the button on the left of the color bar you will compress it, obtaining an icon that will probably be directly integrated in the post creation interface in the future.

If the functionality does not appear following the above, try first toclose the Facebook app from the task managerand reopen it (this worked for us).

Otherwise there is the usual alternative way:clear the cache(and / or even the data) of the application fromSettings -> Apps -> All -> Facebook -> Memory. Even if it doesn’t appear it’s about having a little more patience and waiting for the rollout to run its course.

In our case we managed to enable the function both on the beta version of Facebook (findthe apk at this link), and on the stable versionavailable on the Play Store. It may also be useful to restart the device.

Colored States Facebook iOS

As mentioned at the moment, iOS users do not have access to this functionality. A Facebook spokesman confirmed that colored states can currently only be made by Android.

IOS users can still see the colored states on their friends’ boards. As soon as the function is activated on the Apple platform, the procedure will be the same as described in the previous paragraph.

Colored States Facebook PC

Same goes for iOS. Colored statescannot be created from the ”desktop” version of Facebook. We do not know if the intention is to maintain this exclusive function of the mobile platform or whether to bring it also to the desktop. We will keep you posted.

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