How To Clone One Android To Another

How to clone one Android to another : As we all agree that getting a new phone is the best feeling. However, transferring old data from the phone to the new one is the most frustrating task.

How to clone one Android to another
How to clone one Android to another

Therefore, we are going to share a method which will help you to clone one android to another. Go to the post to find out.

If you are trying to move your data from your Android to another for backup or for other reasons, then cloning is one of the best choices by which you can completely get allyour data to another Android.

You may have tried a lot of things to back up your data, but not all of these methods are beneficial if you want to back up things like SMS,contacts,and otherdata from storage. So here we have a cool method which will help you easily in cloning one of your androids to another android which will include each and everything.

How to clone one Android to another

In this method, you just need an app called CLONEit on your Android devices and using this tool, you can easily clone your device, including any data you want. So take a look at the steps discussed below to continue.

Steps to clone your Android device to another Android:

Step 1. First, you need to download and install the coolCLONEitapp on the two Android devices on which you clone data.

Step 2. Now launch the application on both Android devices and there you will have two options which is the sender and the receiver.

Step 3. Now, the device from which you are sending data, you need to tap on the sender and at the same time the device where you are receiving data tap on the receiver option.

Step 4. Now the scanning process will start and the sender device will detect the receiver device and you just need to tap on that device shown on your screen.

Step 5. Now after this pairing is successful, the wifi hotspot will be activated on both devices and after that the data transfer will start and in a few minutes all your data will be moved to another android.

That’s all! you’re done, now your data is successfully cloned to android.clone one Android to another

Method 2: Dr.Fone-Switch

It is one of the best software to use if you want to move data between devices with different operating system like iOS to Android. Well, you can also use this awesome software to clone one android to another. Below we will list several methods to use this software to clone one Android to another.

Step 1. First, you need to download and installdr.fone-Switchon your computer, then connect the two Android devices to the system, then launch dr.fone toolkit.

Step 2 . Now the toolbox will show you various options, you need to click on “Switch”. This will detect your Android smartphones connected to your computer.

Step 3. Now, one of them will be marked as source and the other will be the destination device (the one that will receive the files)

Step 4. In the next step, you need to select the types of data you want to transfer from one device to another.

Step 5. Finally, click “Start Transfer” and the tool will start copying the data to the other device.

There you are! This is how you can use Dr.fone – Switch toclone on Android to another.

So above is all aboutcloning one Android to another. With this guide, you can easily and safely move all of your Android data to another android, which will include all your SMS, multimedia files, and all other storage files.

And this cloning process will be very beneficial if you are going to reset your Android device. I hope you like this cool method, keep sharing our content with others too. Leave a comment below if you have any questions related to the guide discussed above.

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