Pikmin 1 (Switch): Guide On How to Collect the 30 Ship Parts

Pikmin 1 arrived by surprise on the Switch during the broadcast of the last Nintendo Direct and, despite not bringing any major new features compared to the original version, it is a title that It has aged very well, with gameplay that has remained solid and fun, even by today’s standards.

Pikmin 1 (Switch): Guide on how to collect the 30 ship parts — Part 1

Pikmin 1 (Switch): Guide on how to collect the 30 ship parts

To help you on this journey in search of the lost parts of our beloved Olimar’s rocket, we have created a guide that will show you exactly what to do to collect each one of them.

Initial recommendations

In Pikmin 1, we have a deadline of 30 days to recover all the fragments of the ship. This means that we must manage our time and, in certain situations, repeat some phases to continue tasks that we started previously.

This guide was made so that any beginner can easily recover all objects within a period of about 20 sols. For this reason, don’t worry if you don’t finish all the activities on a given day, as we will have a good margin of reserve time.

That said, it is very important that you always take advantage of every opportunity to increase your army, as many occasions require a large number of little creatures.

Another fundamental aspect is knowing in which situation to use each ally: red vegetables are stronger and resist fire; the yellow ones carry and throw bombs, in addition to being able to be thrown from greater heights; and the blue ones manage to swim and save friends of other colors who are drowning.
With the initial observations duly shared, we can finally start planning each day.

Day 1 — Red Pikmin and Engine (The Impact Site)

The Impact Site is the first phase of the game and where we acquire the red Pikmin. Take advantage of the fact that you don’t have time on the first day and get used to the controls.

Also remember that the round, colorful items that are on the ground and in the flowers are called pellets and are used to reproduce our companions.


Once you acquire the red vegetable, multiply it until you form a group with at least ten allies. Once this is done, throw them into the cardboard box in front of the incubator, as they will push it and unlock access to a new location.

In the new area we find the Engine, but we need 20 creatures to carry it, so collect all the pellets that exist on the screen. For now, that’s all we can do here.

Dia 2 — Eternal Fuel Dynamo e Pikmin amarelo (The Forest of Hope)

The Forest of Hope is a considerably larger region than the first, not only in size but also in challenges. It is exactly in this place that we acquired the little creature that likes to blow things up.

When you disembark, call your Pikmin and throw them at the wall next to the red ship to open the way. In the new space, we meet the Bulborbs, enemies with big eyes.

To defeat them, quickly throw several animals at their backs. Once this is done, let the little friends carry the corpses to the incubator, as they can also be used for reproduction.

Going to the right, we have a giant Bulborb. The tactic to beat him is the same, so surprise him from behind and throw several animals. If possible, I recommend that you leave this body and some pellets to multiply the yellow fellow that we will acquire later.

Eternal Fuel Dynamo

Next to the pond, and to the left of the can with bombs, is the Eternal Fuel Dynamo, which will require 40 little ones to load. Since the place is full of pellets, this won’t be a difficult task.

With one more piece recovered, use the animals to destroy the wall just behind the large Bulborb. When the obstacle is knocked down, move forward to face two more opponents and find the yellow onion, thus acquiring Pikmin of that same color. Take advantage of the rest of the day to proliferate this new partner, as we will be using it a lot.

Dia 3 — Whimsical Radar e Extraordinary Bolt (The Forest of Hope)

Whimsical Radar

To the right of where we found the yellow incubator, we have a wall that needs to be destroyed with bombs, which will already be right in front of it. Throw one yellow at a time to avoid the risk of hurting your companions.

In the next area, there are two big-eyed opponents and some enemies that come out of the ground, but which are also very easy to defeat.

Above the mountain on the left is the Whimsical Radar and to get it, just throw 20 creatures. It is worth mentioning that this piece is very important, as it allows us to visualize the map.

Extraordinary Bolt

Moving forward from where we collected the Whimsical Radar, there will be another stone wall (bombs for what I want you). Ahead, we find the Extraordinary Bolt, which will require 30 pets.

Dia 4 — Nova Blaster (The Forest of Hope)

On the path to the right of where we collected the Extraordinary Bolt are some more enemies. After defeating them, destroy the wall and follow the new road. In the next area, just continue forward to find the Nova Blaster, which must be carried by 30 soldiers.

It is worth noting that, following the right of this last obstacle, there is a wall, which can be destroyed with bombs, and which opens a shortcut directly to the ship.

Finally, take advantage of the rest of the time to multiply your army, because the next day we are going to a new region.

Dia 5 — Pikmin azul, Space Float, Automatic Gear e #1 Ionium Jet (The Forest Navel)

The first thing to do in Forest Navel is to catch the blue Pikmin, which is in the lake behind the yellow ship. Once this is done, reproduce it by collecting the pellets that are around the new incubator. Then, gather a group of any other color and destroy the obstacle next to the red onion.

Space Float

Around the arrivals space, there is a little monster that roams the place. While you are collecting pellets near the ship, he will definitely appear to try to steal these items.

When this happens, just use two Pikmin, as they will win an arm wrestling match and drag the little monster to the incubator, which in turn will drop the Space Float. To transport this piece, we need 25 comrades.

Automatic Gear

Next to the yellow onion, there is a stone wall. Going around it, you will see a kind of stick on the edge of the mountain. Throw some vegetables at this element and they will make the stick reach the other pile, where the Automatic Gear is. Fifteen creatures are enough to complete this task.

#1 Ion Jet

Right behind where we found the blue incubator, there is another space with water, where the #1 Ionium Jet is located. Again, 15 blue soldiers will do the job.

Dia 6 — Positron Generator (The Impact Site)

To recover the second piece that is in the first phase, we must have all types of Pikmin. That said, returning to the place where we found the Engine, notice that there are some bombs in the cardboard box. Use them to blow up the wall at the end of the area above the ramp.

Once this is done, a region with a small lake and some oysters will be unlocked. The part of the ship is inside the animal that is furthest to the left and, to recover it, we must throw the blue vegetables at it, but be careful: when it starts to shake, call your partners back to avoid casualties.

After a few hits, the Positron Generator will fall and the swimming friends can take it back to the rocket; however, there is one last obstacle: a common wall, also on the left side. You already know exactly what to do, right?

Dia 7 — Radiation Canopy e Sagittarius (The Forest of Hope)

Radiation Canopy

Disembarking again in Forest of Hope, follow the shortcut behind the ship and turn right, continuing forward until you reach a small lake. At the location, there is a simple wall to be broken down, so take a blue group.

While this first team works, go around the place to the left and throw a large red group at the highest platform, as we will face a kind of boss. Then, return to the water, go through the unblocked path and gather the whole group to destroy another wall.

The new territory functions as an arena and is home to a dangerous monster, the Armored Cannon Beetle. To defeat him, throw a Pikmin at his face while he’s inhaling air (if you take too long, he’ll throw a giant rock at you, so be careful!). With the right timing, he will leave his back vulnerable long enough to be shot at by the little ones.

Repeat the process a few times until the monster is knocked down. Now, with no one to get in our way, we can take the Radiation Canopy, which is in the right corner of the arena. This time, 30 creatures will be needed.


In the first area we unlock in this phase, the one where we face the first Bulborbs, there are two islands that can be connected via bridges.

Use a group of any color to build the part closest to the ship and a blue team on the piece of land on the other side of the water. With the passage built, we managed to collect Sagittarius, using 20 comrades.

Dia 8 — Shock Absorber e Geiger Counter (The Forest of Hope)

Shock Absorber

To the left of where we built the bridge, there is a small lake with a log we can climb into. Gather a blue group on the platform above and move forward to find the Shock Absorber, but before returning with the piece, we must eliminate one more big eyes. Here, 30 creatures will do the job.

Geiger Counter

This piece is a little more complicated to win, as we need to defeat another aggressive animal. Go to the place where we collected the yellow friends and turn left, where there is a wall to be destroyed with bombs.

With the passage open, we find some enemies that we better take down so they don’t get in our way. Once that’s done, continue until you reach a small lake with a box and use blue comrades to remove it.

For the next space, we need a large yellow group to defeat an opponent that looks like a bird, as well as 15 blue ones to get the piece to the ship more quickly (if you don’t have many gold ones, the red ones can also help).

With the group together, move forward, being careful that the allies who don’t know how to swim don’t fall into the water, and three long-necked animals will emerge from the land. Ignore the first two and go directly to the end where the last one is.

To take down the boll weevil, shoot its yellow partners continuously and accept that some won’t come back. When the monster falls, it will leave the Geiger Counter behind.

Now, use the blue team to carry it, as they will cut the path through the water, saving time and avoiding further losses.

Dia 9 — Analog Computer (The Forest Navel)

Returning to Forest Navel, gather a red army and move forward from the place where we found the blue onion, arriving in an area with a large lake.

In this area, there are some monsters that attack with bursts of fire (the Fiery Blowhogs), so take advantage of the fact that the chosen Pikmin are immune to this element and teach them a lesson. Just be careful not to fight too close to the water, as the enemies shake and throw our companions away.

With the area clear, head to the right, bordering the lake, and destroy the fence at the end. Before heading down the new path, go back and call 20 little blue friends.

The new passage is narrow and has fire geysers, so be careful that the Ceruleans don’t die. At the end of the road there is a lake, where the Analog Computer is.

The recommendation here is that you use the swimming animals only to remove this object from the water and then switch the task to the red ones, as this way there will be no problem with the constant flame.

With 14 pieces already recovered, we have another 21 days to collect the 16 missing pieces. In part 2 of thisPikmin 1guide, we will continue our journey to that Olimar’s ship is completely complete. See you there!

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