Pikmin 2 (Switch): Tips for Commanding your Army of little ones Well

19 years after its release on the GameCube, Pikmin 2 recently arrived on Switch as part of preparations for the newest game in the franchise, Pikmin 4.

Pikmin 2 (Switch): Tips for Commanding your Army of little ones Well

Pikmin 2 (Switch): Tips for Commanding your Army of Little Ones Well

While this latest release is already among us, here are some tips for those who are still spending time with the second title.

Understand the differences between types of Pikmin

The most basic and fundamental tip to enjoy the game is to master the differences between Pikmin types. There are five varieties in all and their colors are good indications of the advantages in the case of the most basic ones.

Red Pikmin are immune to fire, blue to water, and yellow to electricity. Whites avoid taking damage from poison and can poison enemies that eat them, making them useful as bait in riskier fights. Purple ones are more powerful, having the strength and weight equivalent to 10 Pikmin of other types.

Knowing how to properly choose which Pikmin to use in each situation found on the maps will make a significant difference in exploration.

Trying to maintain a group with a bit of all colors will not always be enough and may even delay progress on some occasions when a specific type is clearly desirable.

Increase your supply of Purple and White Pikmin whenever possible

Red, yellow and blue Pikmin can be created by collecting the remains of defeated enemies and flower pollen (pellets). However, to make more creatures of the purple and white varieties, you must explore the underground caves and use the specific flowers to transform your allies of other colors.

Because of these circumstances, you tend to always have fewer purple and white Pikmin. It is therefore worth trying to take advantage of the opportunity to expand these groups whenever possible.

A great option for both is the Subterranean Complex cave in the Valley of Repose, which has flowers for both colors, and the so-called Queen Candypop Buds, which increase the number of allies of the red, yellow and blue colors.

Adjusting the viewing angle

Pikmin 2 has three camera positions varying the proximity of our field of view. To get a broader sense of the terrain, it’s interesting to move the camera further away.

So I personally recommend using this option. Just press ZR to switch between them and you can use the right analog stick to get a top view, which is useful at times.

Be careful with the underground

Compared to its predecessor, Pikmin 2’s main addition is definitely the caves. They are dungeons with treasures to find, but they can also be filled with enemies and traps. In some cases, exploration without due planning and care can lead to massive allied casualties.

To prevent this from happening, it may be interesting to advance through the map alone first or with small groups. Having an accurate sense of obstacles can be the difference between significant losses and grand successes.

The game also automatically saves every time the player advances to a floor in one of these areas, so you can take advantage of this to reset whenever necessary.

Another advantage of caves is that time doesn’t move forward, so you can really explore at your own pace instead of worrying about the clock. Even if you enter these areas at the end of the day, you will always have time to search the entire place if you want.

Call your Pikmin when they are in danger

The world of Pikmin is full of dangers, and it is possible for the little creatures to end up being poisoned, drowned, electrocuted, burned, cut, trampled, among other horrible deaths.

However, in some of these cases, it is possible to save your allies by acting quickly to remove them from the danger zone. Just call them with your whistle.

Avoiding losses at the end of the day

At the end of the day, any Pikmin not resting on the Onions or under the player’s control will be lost. To prevent this from happening, call allies with your whistle and prevent them from getting separated.

If you have no idea where they are on the map, an interesting tactic is to use the caves. After all, before entering them, all Pikmin that are not accompanying you for whatever reasons are sent directly to their respective Onion.

Remember to use the sprays

After exploring a little, you can create sprays based on berries collected on the maps. In Pikmin 2, we have two options: the Ultra-Spicy Spray, which strengthens your allies, and the Ultra-Bitter Spray, which petrifies enemies for a very limited time.

These items can make a significant difference in combat, so even though they are a bit rare, remember to use them.

Explore at your pace

Pikmin 2 is a game that respects the player’s time, having no day limit, but it can be treacherous in its underground pitfalls. In general, you just need to be careful and pay attention to enjoy the experience, but I hope these tips are useful for those who are just starting out on the adventure.

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