How To Connect An Android Phone To A TV

How to connect an Android phone to a TV – The increasingly technological development of messages makes many electronic products have more complete specifications and features, such as cellphones and TVs. HP is now evolving into a SmartPhone and TV has also evolved into a SmartTV.

How to Connect an Android Phone to a TV
How to Connect an Android Phone to a TV

The change resulted in the two electronic goods getting more sophisticated, even now you can connect your cell phone to the TV easily.

If in the past you could only surrender playing games on a cellphone screen improvised which sometimes is uncomfortable to the eye, now you can play with a larger screen display. Even more so if your TV screen is classified as wider and has HD, ultra HD, or higher screen quality. Alright, here’s how to connect an Android phone to the TV .

How to Connect an Android Phone to a TV

Many do not know how to connect it, even though today’s television can be converted into an additional monitor for you especially for those who watch movies or play games on their cellphones. Actually there are two methods on how to connect an Android phone to a TV that is using a data cable or wirelessly .

1. How to connect an Android phone to the TV with a cable

You can try connecting your Android mobile to the TV via USB or data cable . You need the help of an HDMI cable like micro HDMI to HDMI. After having the HDMI cable needed, make sure that your smartphone and TV are compatible to be plugged in with the HDMI. If everything is ready, you can immediately follow the steps below:

  1. Turn off the TV first and unplug the TV cable.
  2. Then you can plug in or attach the HDMI cable to your TV and Android phone, make sure micro HDMI (small) is plugged into the cellphone and HDMI (large) is plugged in the TV socket.
  3. Switch to the android phone, activate the HDMI Connection menu on the smartphone by providing a checklist on that option.
  4. After everything is installed, restart your TV then switch the TV channel to the HDMI option

2. How to Connect an Android Phone to a TV without Cable

How do I connect my cellphone to the TV wirelessly or wirelessly ? You can use the help of a tool called Chromecast . Actually this method also can not be said to be completely wireless, the ends also use a tool that is plugged in using a cable, but without the intention here means that your cell phone does not need to be connected directly with the cable, more precisely there is a special intermediary to replace the cellphone. HP here functions as a control or remote only.

Now a little information about Chromecast is a tool from Google that can be used to stream and internet connections. There is an internet connection via Wifi that can be used to connect the phone to the TV. This tool you should have when you have a Smart TV. For how to use it, you can follow the steps step by step below:

  1. Make sure you already have a Chromecast and are ready to use.
  2. On Chromecast there is a USB cable for Wifi and Power, and a USB Port on the device.
  3. Connect the Chromecast to the HDMI TV port, then connect the power and wifi cable to the Chromecast USB port and TV USB port.
  4. Move your TV channel to the HDMI option.
  5. Activate Wifi on your smartphone, then download and install the Miracast – Wifi Display application .
  6. After the installation is successful, open the application and connect to the wifi from anycast dongle .
  7. Done

The final word

Now that’s how to connect an Android phone to the TV with a data cable or without cable . This method applies to all TV brands having USB and HDMI ports. Whereas Android phones also work in all brands as long as they are compatible with an HDMI cable or able to operate applications to control Chromecast.

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