Complete Guide: How To Create A Telegram Bot From Scratch

Telegram is the instant messaging application par excellence, one of the main features are bots, which can be easily created and configured by users for free.

Complete Guide: How to Create a Telegram Bot from Scratch
Complete Guide: How to Create a Telegram Bot from Scratch

Today I will show you how to create a bot on Telegram to chat with users and also how to create one with programmable buttons and actions.

The guide in question does not use any programming language, it is written in order to make the process understood by anyone who wants to create a small bot. I don’t explain how to create complex bots via PHP or other.

Let’s start creating a Telegram bot

Let’s start this guide step by step, explaining every single step to make.

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First step – Creation by BotFather

First we need to create the bot on BotFather, so as to have its TOKEN code.

  • Open BotFather
  • Now click on START
  • Digita / newbot and send
  • Now send the name of the bot you want to create (eg testerbot)
  • Now you have to choose username and it must end in bot (ex. Tester_bot)
  • Now botfather will send you a message with the bot token code

Perfect the bot is created but for now still empty and without features.

Second step – Personalization

Now let’s see how to customize the bot in the description, caption and more.

  • Always from Botfather type / mybots and send
  • Click on the bot you want to customize
  • From the menu that appears, click edit bot
  • Now you can click on the parameter you want to change

Here is what they are and which ones you can edit to customize your bot:

[OPTION 1] Create a bot to chat with

In the first option we see how to allow users to write to us through a bot and reply to them.

By doing this we can talk anonymously with users and avoid spreading our profile in public, ideal for those who have a channel and want to communicate with their users.

To specify that being a bot you will not be able to start conversations with users who have never started the bot.

  • Start Limitatibot
  • Enter / start and enter date
  • From the menu that appears, click “create your bot”
  • Now from Botfather we have to forward the message with the token in the chat with this
  • bot (just click on the message and forward, then select the chat with limited help bots. From pc right click and then forward)
  • Done. Now anyone who gives / starts the bot can talk to you.

To answer you will have to use the answer option and not write to “empty” in the bot, this is used to be able to respond one by one to the individual people who write.

[OPTION 2] Create a bot with keys and functions

Now let’s see how to create one that has buttons and functions, in this case I show you the main part of how it all works but there are many other options available that you can discover by exploring the bot that I now show you.

  • Start Manybot
  • Now type / addbot and send
  • From Botfather you will have to copy the bot token created previously and send it to this bot
  • Now he asks you for some info on the bot, write it down carefully

Now the bot is ready to be programmed, open it and type / start , then send . It will answer you with a long list of functions that you can use to make your bot unique, add features and much more:

If you want to create buttons to which you can assign actions you can use the command / commands and then follow the instructions you receive.

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