How To Customize The Shutdown Menu On Android

Customize the Shutdown Menu on Android: In this guide we explain how to add new functions to the button we use to turn off the Android phone.

How to Customize the Shutdown Menu on Android

The button to turn off the phone onAndroiddoes not have too many mysteries, especially because it offers us only one option, and of course it is the shutdown, ah! and also to turn the screen on and off.

But today we will tell you how you can change the functions of this shutdown button to get new features that simplify certain activities related to terminal power.

Certainly some additional options are missing in theAndroid shutdown button, but the positive thing about the Mountain View system is that we can always modify it to offer us more useful options for daily phone use.

On this occasion, youneed to root our terminal to modify this system function and add new options. To do this we will need to download theButton Remapperapp, in order to assign extra functions to the system shutdown button.

With this appwe will have to grant Super User permissions to use it, we will be able to assign different activities to the on / off button, such as activating the camera or the camera flash to act as a torch. Once the functions are assigned, we will only have to restart the terminal to be able to select them when we press the phone’s off button.

How to customize the shutdown menu on Android

There is another alternative to show a much more complete shutdown menu. This not only allows us to choose what to do when this button is pressed, but keeping it pressed we can display a menu in which several really useful options will appear.

In order to enjoy these functions, we need to installXposed.

To use it we must also have root permissions on the system, although this is necessary in order to install and activate Xposed Installer.

Xposed Installer
Xposed Installer

Once installed and activated, we open the application and access the “Download” section. The following window will open. Here we will see an entry called “Advanced Power Menu”.

This is the module that will allow us to configure the items in the system shutdown menu. Click on it and install the latest version of this module. At the end of the installation, we will open the “Modules” section and activate the entry of our new program.

Once activated, as with other programs, we must restart the device so that the module is fully activated and we can start using it. Once the device has restarted, we can start using the application.

We have several configuration options, for example an anti-theft device that prevents the device from restarting while it is still locked or to change the theme of the icons.

To modify the items of this menu we have to look for the section “Modify elements of the Power menu” and click on it.

From here we can add the items we want and remove the ones we don’t want them to appear. Once configured to our liking, we will restart the device so that this configuration is activated and can enjoy it without problems.

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