How To Download Files In Academia

Download Files in Academia: On the website, we can find various study documents online. And if we want to download files on the Academia site, we can use several methods.

How to Download Files in Academia
How to Download Files in Academia itself comes from America where it focuses on service. This platform can be used to share papers or other documents. was founded in 2008 until now Acedimia Edu has 69 million users.

Not only Academia users are many, but also the number of monthly visitors who can reach 45 million. With more than 20 million documents, this site has become an excellent reference.

If we usually only read documents online, this time it will give 2 ways to download files from Akademia. That way we will still be able to read even though we are offline.

How to Download Files in Academia

1. Directly from Academia

The first way we can do to save documents from Akademia is to log in first.

Relax, if we don’t have an Academia account and are lazy to make it. We can really login using Facebook or Google account.

Easy way to download documents on android academia for free:

  1. Open browser.
  2. Open the page.
  3. Log in with an Academia account or you can also use a Google & Facebook account.
  4. Find and select the document that we want to download.
  5. Click Download at the bottom left of the document.
  6. Then we can change the file name and choose the folder where we will save the document.
  7. Wait until the download is complete.

2. Without Login Academia

After the first way we are required to log in, then this second method we do not need to log in first, just the right thing for those of you who are lazy to log into academia.

How to download documents in Academia Edu without logging in:

  1. Open browser
  2. Visit the site.
  3. After that, search and open the document from the academia that we will download.
  4. Next copy or copy the link from the document.
  5. Open a new tab and then open the site
  6. Select the Academia Downloader section.
  7. Then paste the Academia document link that we copied earlier into the column Please input document URL.
  8. Then click Get Link.
  9. Then the captcha verification will appear. Check the box I’m not a robot and then complete the captcha that appears.
  10. After that, click Download PDF.
  11. Wait until the generating process is complete and click Download PDF.
  12. The document is ready to download. Give the name of the document and don’t forget to specify the folder where the document will be stored.
  13. Wait until the download is complete.

So the article about 2 ways to download files on with login and without login. This method can be used either by using a PC or cellphone.

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