How To Download Google Maps For Offline Use

How to Download Google Maps for offline – Google Maps for Android has long been allowing you to save your maps offline , so that you can consult them even without an internet connection.

Let’s see how to save the portion of the map that interests us and how to manage and update all the saved places.

How to Download Google Maps for Offline Use
How to Download Google Maps for Offline Use

How to download Google Maps For Offline

First of all, have a good connection, preferablyWi-Fi, andstart Google Maps.

Search for a place of your interest, or move directly on it with the map. This is the old method for downloading offline areas, but it’s still pretty good. Are you in the region you are interested in downloading?

Now press on the search bar and type the words ”Ok Maps“.

The interface will open directly to save all the information for offline browsing on the internal memory of your device.

The appropriate interface that will open in this way is easy to use. Thanks topinch-to-zoomyou can decide whether to include the area of ​​a city or extend it to the surroundings.

In real time, Google Maps will provide you withan exact indication of how many megabytes the mapdownloaded by youwill occupy.

Obviously larger areas (there is a limit) will take up more memory. We remind you that, in the absence of a connection, you can view the maps offline, but you cannot use them to search for places or get directions. To learn more, you can also consult the Google help.

Offline areas

For some time now, Google has introduceda special section on Google Mapswhere you can manage offline areas, i.e. all sections of the map that you have downloaded, even in the past, using your Google account. Before proceeding a premise: all the areas you download to your devicehave an expiration date.

They usually stay on your device for a month, but Google notifies you via a notification of the expiration of the area. Obviously you can keep it or download it again.

The section of Google Maps is called Offline areas and is accessible through the classic side menu that you find in the search bar of the application.

In addition to finding the list of saved maps, including expired ones that you can re-downloadbyaccessingtheir specific tab, you can press onCustom areato download the one you have selected to your device. The indications are the same as before.

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