How To Download Videos On LinkedIn

This tutorial explains How to Download Videos on LinkedIn with the help of several online sites in theIntedIn video downloader. Please select one of the sites mentioned below, which is the best according to me.

How To Download Videos On LinkedIn
How To Download Videos On LinkedIn

How To Download Videos On LinkedIn

Here are 3 free websites to help you download LinkedIn videos online. This LinkedIn video downloader allows you to add the URL of some LinkedIn videos and then process the URL to get the video. LinkedIn video output is opened in the same tab or separate in your browser. Finally, you can save the video to PC. The output can be downloaded in MP4 format.

LinkedIn also provides context menu options right-click for videos so they can be downloaded to a PC. If the option does not work or is not available for some videos, this website can be tried. Here are some sites to download LinkedIn videos online.


AmoyShare is a good online LinkedIn video downloader website. This brings a separate downloader that helps easily save LinkedIn videos to PC. The unique features of this website are also present which can be useful for you.

This website allows you to download audio format files for LinkedIn videos. You can download audio as an MP3 file in 128 kbps quality. It also provides quality audio file options of 192 kbps, but it is available in the pro package.

If you don’t need an audio version of the LinkedIn video, just download the video in MP4 format. Add the LinkedIn video URL and press the “Enter” button. This will process the link and provide a download button.

Pressing the button will explore the download options. Use the video download link and save it to PC. This site can also be used to download videos from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube. [ Visit AmoyShare from here ].


YooDownload is a very simple website but the feature to download LinkedIn videos works quite well. After you enter the LinkedIn video URL and press the Enter key, YooDownload will process it immediately.

After that, you can see the download link for that video. Clicking on the link will open the video in a new tab. Finally, you can download LinkedIn videos to PC. I’m not sure but I think the video was downloaded in original quality.

Before downloading videos, the website also displays the video title column, quality, file size, and file type but cannot display details for all of these columns. This site can also be used to download videos from Facebook and Twitter. [ Visit YooDownload from here ].


TubeOffline is another website that is useful for downloading LinkedIn videos. Actually this site is for downloading videos from Twitter but can also be used as a LinkedIn video downloader. This website also features to set the quality level (best, normal, or low) for video output.

Options for setting the output format to download LinkedIn videos also exist, but the output is only in MP4 format, regardless of the format you choose.

Enter the URL of the LinkedIn video, set the quality type, and press the GET video button. This will provide a download button. You can click on that button and then it will open the video on the same tab. Now you can download videos using the available options. This website is very useful. The only thing you might not like is the interface that contains lots of ads. [ Visit TubeOffline from here ].

Conclusion: These are some websites that are useful for downloading LinkedIn videos. Among all these free online LinkedIn video downloaders, “YooDownload” seems to be a better choice. The interface is simple and downloading LinkedIn videos is quite easy here.

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