How to Find Lost Android Phone on Silent

Find Lost Android Phone: Google has provided a way to recover lost cellphones – but specifically for Android smartphones. In an Android-based smartphone there is actually a feature to track the whereabouts of the “missing” child.

How To Find Lost Android Phone On Silent

Indeed this application is not new on Android smartphones. However, who knows you have not been familiar with this function, or perhaps forget it, it is better to refresh again.

How To Find Lost Android Phone On Silent

To be able to take advantage of this function, the first requirement is to sign in to an (new) Android smartphone with your Google account. Once inside, the “find my device” feature will automatically activate. Just in case, it’s a good idea to make sure this feature is on.

The trick, open the settings menu, then enter the Security sub-menu. Look for the Find My Device feature in it. Look, is it already “on”, if you don’t have to just activate it Okay, if so, then your smartphone is already in Google’s watch.

If this happens, your smartphone is gone, don’t panic. If you happen to be close to the computer, go to the site with the Google Chrome browser – make sure you also sign in with the same Google account that is on the smartphone. Later the menu box will appear on the left and the map on the right.

At the top of the menu, a range of smartphones is displayed – if you have more than one smartphone registered with your Google account. Click on the picture and name of the lost smartphone. Google will track its whereabouts. Once found, the position of the lost smartphone will be shown in the map on the right.

After meeting, you can take several actions. Ring a ringtone – this is perfect for cases of forgetting where to put the phone. Or lock your cellphone so that it cannot be used and accessed by other people (thieves).

Other actions, delete all data on the phone. This is to avoid misuse of important data, such as Google accounts, m-banking, and so on. But, once deleted, Google can no longer track.

When you are on the road, and there is no computer that can be used, you can use another smartphone – a second smartphone or have a friend. But first install the Find My Device application from Playstore.

Open and enter the application with the same account as the account on the lost smartphone. Next do the actions like those on the computer.

It’s easy? What’s difficult is if your smartphone is in the hands of a pickpocket, which is sure to slip when asked. To prove it, just click the “play sound” option. If it is properly pocketed by the pickpocket, or someone who is helping, the ringtone for 5 minutes. Even if it’s silent, it can still sound. The matter is just fighting with that person, or reporting to the authorities.

It’s just that, to function, this application requires several things. First, the lost cellphone must be on. Previously signed in with your Google account. The internet connection is active. Google Play’s visibility is also on, its location marker is active, and the Find My Device feature is also active (on).

A little note, the bookmark where the lost smartphone is on the map is sometimes rather inaccurate. But it is still worth a try if at any time your smartphone really disappears.

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