How To Get Grand Theft Auto V For Free On PC

The Grand Theft Auto V game is being distributed for free in the Epic Games Store on the computer for a limited time. See how to add it to your account!

How to Get Grand Theft Auto V for free on PC

Since the PlayStation 1 era, the Grand Theft Auto series has been quite successful due to its controversial games, which have always been innovative and fun. In turn, Epic Games launched its computer games store last year and has been distributing several titles for free to please and attract more and more users.

This Thursday, May 14, GTA V started to be distributed for free on the Epic Games Store for a limited time, including having a small “gift” for those who redeem it there. Next, see how to get Grand heft Auto V for free on your computer.

As stated above, GTA V is available for free at Epic Games for a limited time and can only be obtained this way until May 21. Also, remember, once the game is added to your account, you can play it forever.

Those who redeem the game during this period will also be winning the “Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack” for free, which guarantees initial help to create their empire in GTA Online.

During the execution of the article, several errors were found to access the Epic Games website and service, which are showing instabilities due to the large number of accesses.

How to get Grand Theft Auto V for free on PC

The process to get GTA V for free ends up being quite simple, remembering that although the game is redeemed at Epic Games, it will also be necessary to use the Rockstar Game Launcher to run it, which is installed before its first run. Check out:

1. Access theEpic Gameswebsite as usual ;

2. In “Free games”, click on the “Grand Theft Auto V” image;

3. In the message that appears, click on “Continue”;

4. On the game page, click on “Get”;

5. Log in with your Epic Game account or create a new one;

6. On the new screen, click on “Place order”;

7. Wait for the message that your order has been confirmed;

8. Open the Epic Games client on your computer and download the game through its “Library”. If you do not have the Epic Games client installed, you can obtain it through a link in the previous step.

Ready! Now, you know how to get Grand Theft Auto V for free on your computer.

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