How To Increase FPS In Games – Tips And Secrets

Are you a gamer who loves to play on PC? Then the FPS (frames per second) are definitely your obsession. Unfortunately, however, they do not always reach that famous 60 FPS quota which makes a game fluid and enjoyable.

How to Increase FPS in Games - Tips and Secrets
How to Increase FPS in Games – Tips and Secrets

We increase FPS in PC games

Let’s see all the tricks and tips that will allow us to increase the framerate (FPS) of games on our computers as much as possible!

Close programs with a game booster

What are the advantages of having as few programs as possible open while we play?

We release load from the CPU and the GPU, which can then devote more resources to processing the game data; we also increase free RAM, which is essential during a gaming session!

The program I recommend (which I also personally use) isRazer Cortex.

It is a free program, running on all PCs from Windows 7 onwards and that works both automatically and in expert mode. It also allows me to free up more than 1GB of RAM with each game start!

After having installed it, it automatically recognizes the games on the PC and closes all those useless processes at that moment, which then reopens when we close the game.

I absolutely recommend you to try it, even if you have a lot of RAM on your PC this program acts completely automatically … better to have a few GB more RAM not found?

Keep a low temperature!

The temperature of the components is essential in a computer, especially forgaming.

High temperatures correspond to framerate drops or even reboots of your PC …

For this reason, I recommend that you always keep the components clean and dust-free, as well as having an excellent cooling system designed to avoid unpleasant situations.

You can monitor the temperature of your hardware with Open Hardware Monitor , free and easy-to-use software. If you notice that some components have too high temperatures, then you need to check them or insert new fans or a liquid cooling system .

Updated drivers

Many unaware users do not update the drivers (especially the video card) for fear that they will cause compatibility problems … when updating the drivers isessential!

The installation of up-to-date drivers allows you to get the most out of your components, especially with regards to the video card, when new games are released soon after drivers are released that bringbetter performanceon that game.

You can update the drivers for your video card using software released by manufacturers, such as Nvidia and AMD.

Component overclocking

WARNING! The overclocking operation is not intended for all users and is not intended for all hardware components!

The overclock consists in increasing the frequency with which memories, cpu and gpu act, thus going to have a notable increase in performance and FPS.

However, this operation risks damaging and using your components considerably, so avoid running it if you do not know how to move safely.

Scale video settings

In all the games present on the computer it is possible to scale the video settings so as to increase the performance and the FPS.

Among the settings that affect PC performance enough are: shadows, textures, resolution and other graphic details.

Fast operating system

The OS is the basis of everything we do on our PC, having a slow operating system certainly does not lead us to increase FPS in games …

Updated hardware

The last resort to try to increase FPS is a hardware upgrade of your PC.

You can start from just increasing RAM, to completely change the components of your gaming computer.

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