How To Increase FPS On Fortnite | Optimization Guide

Do you play Fortnite but lately have you experienced drops in performance with a consequent lowering of the frame rate? If so, don’t worry.

In today’s guide, I will show you how to increase the FPS in Fortnite in all simplicity, improving the stability and efficiency of the system, making your actions in the game more fluid and faster.

How To Increase FPS On Fortnite
How To Increase FPS On Fortnite

How To Increase FPS On Fortnite | Optimization Guide

The first step is to open Fortnite and go to the Settings category. To do this, simply click on the 3 dashes at the top right and from the drop-down menu select the item ” Settings “.

Then go to the Video category and make sure you set it to full screen mode. This change may seem trivial but it will improve the game’s performance in any case.

After that it is necessary to change the resolution on Fortnite respecting the native resolution of the monitor. So if you have a Full HD monitor, set the resolution to 1920 x 1080p. Once done, limit the frame rates (FPS), based on the specific model of your monitor.

If you have a 144 Hz monitor, you need to select 144 FPS. It is technically pointless to achieve a higher FPS number if your monitor only supports 144.

To increase the FPS on Fortnite you need to lower the display resolution. This change will increase the FPS but at the expense of video quality.

Keep in mind that most of the Pro Players adopt a video quality (sometimes even poor) in order to have a greater fluidity in the movements, increasing the number of FPS.

In the graphic quality section, select the ” Custom ” item and change the parameters according to your needs, obviously taking into account the hardware components installed in your PC.

One parameter that allows you to increase the FPS in Fortnite is the 3D resolution. The lower this value, the higher the FPS. The modification of this parameter will significantly reduce the graphic quality of the game, making it more and more “pixelated”.

By reducing the 3D resolution, you can even play Fortnite on a ” toaster “. I advise you to carry out some creative tests, modifying the 3D resolution value as desired.

If you have a dedicated Video Card, the 3D resolution value must be above 60%. In case you use an integrated video card, I suggest you lower it so as to increase the number of FPS.

As for the visual distance, I recommend setting it to Far, disabling Shadows and Anti-Aliasing. On Texture set Medium, while on Effects and Post Processing select Reduced.

Fortnite – Recommended Advanced Graphics Settings

Below go to the advanced graphic settings for Fortune.

  • In the Advanced Graphics section, disable V-Sync as it may cause input lag for a low refresh rate monitor. As for Motion Blur, you can choose to disable it or not, it’s a subjective thing.
  • Make sure you enable the Show FPS option so that you can see if there is a drop in performance during a match.
  • The rendering mode I recommend you set it to Alpha performance so as to increase the FPS on Fortnite. This mode is active if you have a PC with low-medium-range hardware components.
  • Alpha performance mode is a new experimental mode that offers a significant performance improvement, sacrificing visual quality to reduce the required memory and load on the CPU and GPU. I personally am fine with DirectX 11. It all depends on your PC.
  • As for the other settings, enable Multithreaded Rendering and disable the ” Debugging Crash GPU ” option, latency indicatorsNvidia Reflex low latencyflash latency and DLSS, unless you are using an NVIDIA RTX graphics card.

NVIDIA Control Panel – Recommended Settings

After changing the different parameters present in the Fortnite settings, let’s see what you can do from the Nvidia control panel. To access the panel you need to go to the Desktop, right-click on an empty part and from the drop-down menu select the option: Nvidia Control Panel.

If you have an AMD Video Card, the step is the same.

Go to the ” Manage 3D settings ” category and click on ” Program settings “. Then press the Add button and select from the Fortnite list.

Once done, configure the various items as follows:

  • Image sharpness: Recommended by Nvidia
  • Cuda – GPU: Use global setting (All)
  • Anisotropic Filter: Application controlled.
  • Sample Optimization: Disabled
  • Trilinear Optimization: Enabled
  • Structure filter – Quality: Performance
  • Power management mode: Prefer maximum performance
  • Vertical Synchronization: Disabled.

Update The Video Card (GPU) Drivers To Increase FPS In Fortnite

One procedure that could improve the gaming experience and increase FPS is to update the Video Card Drivers.

For this time I recommend that you uninstall the current Video Card Driver and then install the latest one as cleanly as possible.

After installing the driver, you can use the GeForce Experience application (if you have an Nvidia GPU ) for the next few times to automatically update all video card drivers with a single click. If you have an AMD Video Card, you can safely use the AMD suite.

To use it, simply go to the Driver section and click on the ” Download ” item. After a while, the application will download and update the video card driver.

I recommend that you always install the latest driver when the application notifies you that a new update is available. By doing this, you will get the most out of your GPU.

Fortnite – Automatic And Manual Optimization With GeForce Experience

If you have the GeForce Experience application, go to the Home screen, select the game and press the details button.

On the next screen, you will be listed your current game settings; by clicking on the Optimize button, the application will apply the optimal settings to improve the gaming experience, obviously based on your Hardware. This change will certainly improve the video quality but may decrease the FPS.

Take a test and see if you are comfortable with certain settings. If not, reset everything as it was before. (take a picture to remind them).

The application also gives you the option to use custom settings. To do this, simply click on the wrench icon. Then select the display resolution, display mode to your liking and choose whether to optimize the game for video quality or performance.

Now, be sure to turn off the option, ” In-Game Overlay ” ( Game Overlay ) because most of the time due to performance issues.

To disable it you need to click on the gear icon (always on GeForce Experience), go to the General tab, locate the ” Game overlay ” item and finally remove the check mark.

Game Mode In Windows

After updating your video card and setting the game settings to the best, go to Start, type settings, open the Games category, click on the ” game mode ” section in the left menu and check ” Game mode ” so as to activate it and prevent Windows Update and other elements from consuming resources making the FPS in game more stable.

Several users have reported to me that disabling this option on Windows 11, they have experienced an increase in game performance. It may seem counterintuitive but this new Operating System was recently released and as a result it could have bugs (as many report).

I suggest you disable and enable this option to see if it really makes a difference.

Graphics Preferences Recommended For The Video Card To Increase The FPS On Fortnite

Once done, go to Start and type in Settings. Then select the System -> Display category (in the menu on the left), scroll down and locate and click on the item ” Graphics settings “.

On the next screen, press the browse button and locate the ” FortniteClient-Win64-Shipping ” application in the folder where Fortnite was installed.

C: \ Users \ WebAssistanceITA \ Epic Games \ Fortnite \ FortniteGame \ Binaries \ Win64

Once added, press the ” Options ” button and select ” High Performance “.

Update Windows

A problem that could affect game performance is the failure to update Windows and the various applications connected to it. So make sure to update your Operating System to the latest version. To do this, simply click on Start and type Windows Update Settings.

On the next screen press the ” Check for updates ” button. Wait for the scan to finish and if there are any new updates, download and install them.

Delete Temporary Files To Increase FPS On Fortnite

To conclude, I suggest deleting the temporary files created over time (automatically) because they could cause delays and slowdowns during the game. To do this you must click Start, type run, type the following command % temp% and click send.

This folder contains all temporary files, generated by the programs and games installed on your PC. To delete them, simply select all the folders by pressing the keyboard combination (CTRL + A), select one with the right mouse button and select the delete option from the drop-down menu.

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