How to Jump In The COP: Tips For Gamers

New to Counter Strike and looking with an envious look at players who, like a kangaroo, jump around the map and find themselves faster than they do?

How to Jump In The COP
How to Jump In The COP

How to Jump In The COP: Tips For Gamers

Tired of being in front of you forever and getting hit in the head while jumping? Or are you a good (or purely master) player looking to improve your control over the position in space? Then this post is for you, we’ll tell you how to jump into the COP.

So, the jumping players, most of them call them “kangaroos”, they have the banihop technique. Banihop (another way to jump) is the constant jumps across the map, increasing the movement speed of the player model. The answer to the question on how to jump to the COP will be a little lower, now I want to add a few comments:

  1. You have to be patient to develop and improve the skills of Banihop.
  2. Everything will come but over time. Hundreds of failed attempts, a sea of ​​sweat, workforce, diligence – and you see, you’ve earned the respect and envy of other players on the server.

Next step – in COP you need to set some settings:

  1. Set the alias to ks. Raspig can be attached to the mouse wheel, it will be much easier to jump later, you don’t need to press this bulky space, I personally use the spacebar as a button that activates the microphone. For the fathers of Banikhop, the “Jump” button is on the right mouse button, they say it is more convenient. Of course, just pick you.
  2. It is useful to make a big sense to jump.
  3. To check the speed, enter the following command in the console: cl_showpos. The working principle is intuitive.

For points you will skip now in COP:

  1. We run straight to the DL with any empty server, preferably dust 2 cards, climb to the higher facility and look into the pit.
  2. Turn the wheel up, press the right (forward – right sheet) button at the same time, and move the mouse to the right, then turn the wheel up a second before our player’s feet touch the ground, simultaneously press to the left and move the mouse to the left. It’s simple, the main thing is to capture the moment you move away from the ground.

We present all the movements in the form of a diagram: right – jump – mouse movement right – jump – left – mouse left movement. And all these movements are repeated continuously until you get bored.

The main thing is to understand and capture the moment in order to coordinate their rigidity and mouse movements. If it turns out bad then exercise, everything will come in time.

To improve exchange skill, it is recommended to visit special banihop servers where bhop cards are installed.

These cards consist of plates suspended in the air that you have to jump, but in no case can you stand. If you miss the flooring or stand on it, you’ll start with the checkpoint.

The last moment we’re going to focus on today is what you can jump into. For beginners, it is better to skip exploration because this is the lightest weapon (and the most accurate), even easier than a knife. Professionals can jump even with AWP, the main thing is education and desire!

I hope the article helped you solve a fairly simple solution, but you need to be careful about how to jump to the COP.

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