How to know if a friend is using WhatsApp Mod

In this article, I will share a trick on how to find out if the friend or person you are chatting with on WhatsApp is using WhatsApp Mod.

For those who may not know what WhatsApp Mod is, I’ll discuss a bit, WhatsApp Mod is a modified version of the official WhatsApp (original Play Store) that gives us access to many features that the official or original WhatsApp doesn’t have.

How to know if a friend is using WhatsApp Mod
How to know if a friend is using WhatsApp Mod

How to know if a friend is using WhatsApp Mod

Among the features are hiding status when online, hiding typing status, changing themes, hiding visibility when viewing other people’s statuses and much more.

There are many types of WhatsApp Mod, including GB WhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus, Fouad WhatsApp and many more. WhatsApp Mod can also be installed on the same Android smartphone without having to delete the official version of WhatsApp. So it allows its users to use two WhatsApp.

Here we will focus on how to find out whether the person we are chatting with is using WhatsApp mod or not. Immediately, we discuss one by one.

1. Reply to chat but no “Online” status

If the person you are talking to in the chat, when replying to a message does not show the status “online”, then it could be a sign that your friend is a WhatsApp Mod user. Because one of the main features of WhatsApp Mod is that it allows us to hide this information.

Therefore, if you talk to someone who never shows up online. It could be the first sign that he is using WhatsApp Mod.

2. Reply to chat even though it still ticks one

When you send a message to a friend who uses the official WhatsApp application when your message has been sent there will be a double tick, while if it hasn’t been sent, it’s a check mark.

But if you are in a conversation and your friend replies, but the message you send still shows one tick, that is the second sign that the person is using WhatsApp Mod.

Because hiding the sent mark (tick two) it is a feature available in the WhatsApp Mod application. Even though our message has actually been sent and read, it still ticks one, which should tick two.

3. Does not appear in the viewer list even though leaving a comment on our status

When someone comments on your status update but doesn’t appear in the list of viewers who viewed your status. That is a sign that the person is using WhatsApp Mod.

4. No “typing” status visible when replying to chats

Someone is chatting with you, but you don’t see a typing notification appear on your screen. And when you keep receiving messages from someone but they don’t seem to type the message. Now that’s one of the features in WhatsApp Mod, hiding typing status.

5. Can still reply to messages that we have deleted

It is very possible that when we start a chat sometimes we are wrong when sending messages. But in WhatsApp there is a delete message feature. By using the “Delete for everyone” feature, our message will automatically be deleted and will no longer be read by the recipient.

And there will be a description “This message has been deleted” in the chat recipient of our message earlier.

But if for a while your friend can still read and reply to the chat that you deleted earlier, then that could be a sign that he is using WhatsApp MOD. Because in WhatsApp MOD there is an anti-delete message feature.

6. The time shown in “Last Seen” does not match

Last seen or Last Seen feature is useful for showing a description of the last time a user used WhatsApp or the last time they were online on WhatsApp. However, WhatsApp MOD users can manipulate this information.

For example, today you see someone is active and even chats via chat with you, but the last description seen was “active 1 month ago” even though today the person is online, then that’s one sign of a WhatsApp MOD user.

7. Can make a long video status (NOT DEFINITELY)

WhatsApp Mod users are able to make status videos with long and well-organized durations. You can only make video statuses for 30 seconds on the original WA, but for the MOD version users can upload videos up to 7 minutes long without being deleted or looking very neat.

However, this sign does not guarantee 100% that someone is a WhatsApp MOD user. Because to make long video statuses on WhatsApp, you can also use other applications. For example using the WhatsCut application, WFVS, SplitVideo and many more.

8. Always double tick (NOT DEFINITELY)

Two gray ticks mean the message was sent. Two blue check marks mean that our message has been read (read report).

Most WhatsApp Mod users hide these two blue ticks. So that when we send a message, even though our message is read, the two check marks still don’t turn blue.

When experiencing that, most people conclude that the person is a WhatsApp MOD user. Even though it’s not necessarily true, because the official WhatsApp version also has this feature, which is being able to hide the two blue check marks by disabling the read report feature.

Those are some ways to find out WhatsApp Mod users. So to find out just pay attention to the signs above. Hopefully useful and see you in the next article. Thank you.

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