How To Make A Hard Reset To IPhone XR

Hard Reset to iPhone XR: The iPhone XR has been with us for a week, providing good feelings to those who have decided to buy it. It is a great device with a fairly restrained price than the iPhone XS in any of its aspects, and that undoubtedly is emerging as a top phone.

How to Make a Hard Reset to iPhone XR
How to Make a Hard Reset to iPhone XR

As our Andro4all friends tell us in an accurate analysis, ithas great performance and the battery life has been optimized, so that we can have the device ready for a day of hard battle.

Although sometimes, few, it is necessary tomake ahard resetto any iPhonefor whatever reason. If you don’t know how to do it, follow our simple tutorial and learn how to do it, you never know if you may need it.

How to make a hard reset to iPhone XR

First of all it is necessary tohave the volume up and down buttons locatedon the left side, and the on / off button on the right. If your iPhone XR has been locked, it is best to proceed byhard reset.

    • Quickly press and release the volume up button.
    • Do the same with the volume down.
    • Press and hold the power button, without hitting the screen swipe.

Once done you will see how the apple logo appears and your phone will restart. It is usually something that usually works, unless there was a serious software problem.

Do not worry if you have to do ahard reset,it will not erase any data from your iPhone XRand it is a procedure that is very common. Sometimes it is even convenient to do it when you see that the phone is not quite as thin as expected.

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