How To Make Money In GTA 5?

It has raised the bar in the game world compared to other games in the game world. Due to the interest the game has received in a short time, a lot of information about the game is circulating on the website. Those who love the game are very confused by this information.

How To Make Money In GTA 5?
How To Make Money In GTA 5?

How To Make Money In GTA 5?

In this article, we will write about how to make money inGTA 5.

When first starting the game

If you purchased the game originally, there is a key in the box that will give $ 500,000 in normal mode and $ 500,000 in online mode. Then there are two missions in the game that will save you money.

The first of these missions is the jewelery shop robbery mission that you encounter when you start the game. When you complete this task, you will earn around $ 800,000. There are other tasks in GTA 5, let’s write them in order on how to make money.

Strip armored vehicles

When you walk around the streets in the game, you can see men carrying money with armored vehicles or people carrying money with armored cars.

You can earn money in the range of 5000-7000 mountains by neutralizing the officers carrying money or by blasting the back of the armored car with an explosive. Do not neglect to dodge the cops among these robberies.

ATM robberies

It is possible to earn money by robbing people who come in front of the ATM and withdraw money in the game. It is worth emphasizing here that there is a serious age limit in the game and that he exhibits bad example behaviors.

Rob shop

It is a good way to earn money by robbing shops in the game. You can enter some shops such as the market and let the person working at the cash register point your gun and give you money.

There are two safes in some markets, in these markets, after you receive the money from the first safe when you extend your gun to the person in the other safe, he will give you the money.

Find the plane

Finally, you have to go to the deepest by going with the boat located at the bottom of Paletto Bay. You will then come across a plane that sank there. When you go to the right of this plane, you will see a box with $ 12,000. You can also get that money here.

Then, you can evaluate the money you collect in the stock market using the internet icon in the game and increase your money by making investments.

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