How To Open DWF Files Online (Autodesk Viewer)

The tutorial below will help you open DWF files online with the help of 2 free online DWF viewer websites. DWF (Web Design Format) is an image file available in 2D or 3D and developed by Autodesk.

How To Open DWF Files Online
How To Open DWF Files Online

How To Open DWF Files Online

Although there are some very good software for viewing DWF files, if you want to view DWF files online, the sites below are very helpful. While one website on this list is useful for viewing 2D and 3D DWF files, other sites support 2D DWF files only.

There are several other important options available that you can use. For example, you can view step files, PDFs, TIFF images, take screenshots of DWF files from a certain angle and save them as PNG, show / hide layers of DW files and more. Here are two websites for viewing DWF files online:

Autodesk Viewer

Autodesk Viewer is the best website for viewing DWF files. It supports 2D and 3D DWF files. There are so many interesting features available in this online DWF viewer, including:

  1. You can see all the layers available in your DWF file. This also allows you to show / hide any or all layers.
  2. The model browser feature allows you to highlight various parts of the DWF file. For example, you can see piano keys, floors, trees, etc.
  3. You can see DWF from various angles.
  4. This also allows you to take screenshots of DWF files from a certain angle and then save the captured screenshots as PNG files.
  5. You can measure distances and angles for two points in the DWF file content.
  6. There are also markup features that are equipped with explanatory tools such as pencil, text, cloud, arrow, etc.
  7. Your design can also be shared with others using unique sharing links.

You can start using this website by creating a free account. Another interesting feature is that there are several ways to upload DWF files: desktop, Box, Dropbox, OneDrive, and Google Drive.

This also allows you to upload and view STEP, RVT, DWG, and other file formats. So, the features are pretty good.


Sharecad is also a good online DWF viewer. But, this is especially useful for 2D DWF files and the size limit for uploading DWF is 50MB. If this doesn’t matter to you, then this site is worth trying.

Another benefit of this website is that you can open other file formats. The supported formats are: TIFF, SVG, STEP, PDF, SAT, PNG, IGES, BMP, TGA, CAL, and many more.

When the DWF file is uploaded, you can use options such as show / hide 3D hidden lines, 3D flat shading, 3D fine shading, etc. There are options to switch to the top view, left view, bottom view, etc., but this option does not work for DWF file formats. So, what you can do is show / hide 3D flat shadows, 3D hidden lines, and view the contents of DWF files.

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