Full Guide | How To Play Clash Royale

Clash Royale is a game multiplayer strategy real-time containing platoon player-favorite Clash of Clans. In this game, players will use cards to invite the Clash of Clans platoon to the battle arena. The Clash Royale platoon consists of several types such as troops, buildings, and spells.

Full Guide | How to Play Clash Royale
Full Guide | How to Play Clash Royale

Full Guide to Play Clash Royale

In this game, players will fight in the arena battle mode 1vs1 or 2vs2, both camps will continue to attack each other’s units, players who can destroy the King’s tower will be the winner. Here are some 2020 edition of Clash Royale Tips and Tricks.

1. Prepare Platoon and Deck

In this game, players will get five-deck slots at the start, but usually, players only need to have two decks of their own combination, one deck for rank mode and another deck challenge mode.

Even though the player has to put the strongest combo on the ranking deck, while on the challenge deck it is rather different because there are limits to the card level that makes the player make the deck in a certain way.

There is also a special deck for this game mode which is more difficult to use. In fact, players should not be able to change the deck too often, because players will not be able to practice combos.

Players can make their own deck or pick it up on the internet, many streamers take the time and effort to master the game so they can follow the technique.

Applications like Deckshop or Stats Royale can be very good too. Stats Royale offers decks based on players’ cards, while Deckshop offers many customizable decks. This can be very useful when an idea is stuck.

2. Arrange the Deck

In fact, there is no invincible deck at Clash Royale. Each deck has advantages and disadvantages, even the best players will fight. Deckbuilding is very pleasant, but human intervention is more important. Simply put, choose what you like best and use it.

If you want to make your own deck and not copy from the internet, players must make it balanced and varied.

The following types of cards are recommended:

  • Unit with splash damage (Ice Witch)
  • Single target remote unit (Musketeer)
  • Anti-air unit (Witch, Mercon)
  • Tank (Golem)
  • Low price unit (Skeleton)
  • Anti-building unit (Hog Rider)
  • A building (Cannon)
  • Spell without a counter (Rocket)
  • Cards that make targeting enemy troops (Ice Spirit, Zap)

Main deck types for Clash Royale:

  • Defeat: Players will start an attack from the King’s tower with tanks and other hordes of cards that follow. Loss of the tower is not a problem, players fight under pressure (but don’t let it go too much).
  • Control: Focus on whatever you can defend and hit your opponent back by keeping elixir available to deal with a lot of damage early on.
  • Repeat: Small troops and attackers. The aim is to gather as many attackers as the player can, so that the enemy will not have enough defense forces to fight it.
  • Decoy: The aim is to get the enemy to place as many defense cards as possible so that the enemy platoon does not attack the fortress so that eventually they run out of elixir and cannot attack again.
  • Surround: Use Mortars or X-Bows as they defend in enemy towers.
  • Spawn: Use as many Spawner Buildings or Troops as possible. This works best against inexperienced enemies without a splash unit.
  • Custom: Every deck with preferred combos (a pair of cards that are hard to fight) such as Rage + Balloon, Wizard + Giant, Fire Spirit + Hog Rider, etc.

3. Battle Strategy

The main objective when playing this game is to get positive results in the use of elixir or “destroy enemy forces with a little elixir than needed”.

For example, players can kill three enemy platoon units with rockets when they gather on a bridge or defeat a single executioner with a bat when they enter the tower radius. If a player can do this more effectively than an opponent in a match, the player will win.

Pay attention to the remaining time and lives of enemy towers, sometimes the player can solve all problems by throwing fireballs from the tower to survive.

The ability to remember enemy cards is also a useful skill, it will help players find out how many elixirs they have and plan their next steps.

Take advantage of tower damage, lure enemies to the range of one or several towers if possible, and put the platoon down there. This will be a big advantage.

Once the number of elixirs reaches 10, not much can be done and that is a big problem. Players must continue to focus and use the elixir available before this happens to clear the slots so that more platoons appear.

This is a common mistake for beginners. Don’t destroy the enemy King’s tower just yet. When he is attacked, a cannon will appear and will fire on the troops.

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