How To Play League Of Legends Wild Rift | Complete Guide

One of the most anticipated Android or iOS mobile games is finally released. Yes, none other than League of Legends: Wild Rift. And because the author has tried it, here is how to play League of Legends Wild Rift for beginners.

How to Play League of Legends Wild Rift

Even though it is still in the Open Beta stage for the Southeast Asia region, there are already many fans waiting and can’t wait to play. And luckily, the author has the opportunity to be the one who can try the mobile version of the League of Legends game.

After the author has tried it directly, there are a number of things you need to know so you don’t get confused once you enter the game successfully. Armed with a lofty goal to help beginners master the gameplay of this game, the author also designed the most complete way to play LoL Wild Rift below.

Besides that, you can also get various information about this mobile game made by Riot; starting from when it was released, the gameplay, and the mechanisms. Curious? Check out the description below, yes.

When is League of Legends: Wild Rift Release?

Perhaps, this is a question that is often asked by many loyal fans. In fact, it has started to appear since Riot first expressed its desire to develop a mobile version of LoL at the beginning of the year.

Well, launching from a conversation on the League of Legend: Wild Rift forum website, the developer gave some information about when this game was released. Namely, the company will start with a limited Alpha and Beta Test process in several countries.

After that, the company will open wider access to League of Legends: Wild Rift through the open beta program. According to the plan, it will be held until the end of 2020 and can be played via Android or iOS devices.

How to Play League of Legends Wild Rift

Whether you are a LoL fan or otherMOBA game players such as Mobile Legends: Bang Bang and Arena of Valor , of course, you are curious about LoL Wild Rift. Especially if you see the hustle and bustle of the conversation on various social media platforms.

So, before you start downloading and playing the game League of Legends: Wild Rift , let’s get to know some of the key gameplay. In addition, also understand how the mechanism and role of LoL Wild Rift champions. FYI, Champions is a term from Hero that you can use in this game.

Continue to listen to the description below, yes.

LoL-like gameplay with minor adaptations for mobile

Luckily, if you are an old fan of the League of Legends game, you see, the Wild Rift game seems to be a game made especially for you. Various information that you know, strategies that are often played via PC, can be applied to smartphones.

Everything, including capabilities from champions to battle map size and content. The only difference is the two Nexus and Inhibitor turrets at headquarters. Apart from that, Riot also made a few changes to some Champions.

For example, Lux’s ultimate skill can reach from your base to enemy headquarters, Ashe’s ultimate skill can be controlled – even though it’s quite difficult to do it – and Lee Sin’s two skills don’t need the champion to run towards the target.

Luckily, Yasuo players can feel calm. Just like the PC version, Yasuo is still OP and has a combination of skills that are annoying and hard to match. Another adjustment is the rotatable map.

6 LoL Wild Rift Role Champion: Here’s the explanation

Different from Mobile Legends or AoV gameplay, the role of the Champion League of Legends also determines which lane you will take. And launching from Spin, there are five roles that determine the lane on the map that you have to take. It’s important, you know if you want to complete this article on how to play LoL Wild Rift.

First is Dragon Lane. The path in this map is for champions role Attack Damage Carry (ADC) and Support. And you need to know, ADC is the main carry of the team. Usually, champions of the Marksman type fill this role.

Meanwhile, support roles are divided into two types of Champions; whether it’s a Tank or a Mage. Later, the types of champions from Support will also determine; whether to be a buff or shield from the ADC, or even an initiator during battle.

For Mid Lane has the same functions and operations as other MOBA games. Champions who fill this lane usually have a second-carry role and are usually also tasked with exploring the map to open up views for other players.

Finally, Baron Lane. This is the right lane for your team’s Champions role initiator or second-solo carry. Depending on the composition of the Champions and experience, lanes for solo players are generally filled with Champions with the role of Fighter – who can be left alone during the match.

Finally, there is one more unique role that is characteristic of LoL and Wild Rift games. None other than jungler. The job of the role jungler is to use up all the monsters in the forest. If necessary, players must also finish off the monsters on the opponent’s side of the map.

The jungler will also be richer than the other team members. In addition, junglers also have a duty to assist when the team opens battles in any part of the map.

Last Hit Mechanism and Changes to Ultimate Skills

If you previously played the PC version of LoL, of course Wild Rift offers a big change from the previously used keyboard or mouse. In addition, there are several mechanisms that have been adjusted to make mobile players more comfortable. One of them is the Last Hitting mechanism.

It is known that the company applies the Last Hit mechanism which is similar to otherMOBA games – Mobile Legends and Arena of Valor. The system will lock automatically so that the Champions attack every minion with the lowest HP. In addition, the system will also prioritize the opponent’s Champions, if they are within attack range.

Automatic attack keys also apply to Champion skills. Yes, a very different mechanism from the PC version of LoL; where each player is asked to lock attacks on the opponent’s Minions or Champions manually.

As a result, the battle went faster. Moreover, the Ultimate Champions Skill can open once it reaches level 5 – instead of level 6 like the PC version in LoL or Dota 2. That way, you can more freely explore Mid-Lane, jungle, or gank your opponent at the beginning of the game.

Pre-Game Runes and Buff Effects

If you have previously played League of Legends or Mobile Legends, of course you already understand the Pre-Games buff. In Mobile Legends, this manifests itself in the form of an emblem and a battle spell.

Meanwhile, in League of Legends, these are called Runes – which the developer also applies to Wild Rift but in a simplified version. Yes, every champion already has a standard rune setting. However, you can replace it yourself, really.

In fact, you can also change the rune arrangement of each champion. This can be done via the Settings menu. And the authors also admit that Runes can be confusing and complicated for novice players.

Therefore, the author will describe in more detail the effects and settings of the LoL Wild Rift Runes Champions in another article.

Those are various things about how to play LoL Wild Rift that you must know. Hopefully, the article above can help you. Whether you are a beginner to MOBA games, or a Mobile Legends or AoV player who wants to try this latest Android and iOS game.

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