How To Play Mobile Legends Games On PC/Laptop

The Mobile Legends game or more commonly abbreviated as ML is one of the most popular and most commonly played Android games today. In 2018, Mobile Legends has named the best-selling game and is always at the top of the list beating other games that were first famous.

Easy Ways to Play Mobile Legends Games on PC/Laptop
Easy Ways to Play Mobile Legends Games on PC/Laptop

This Mobile Legends game is a game with the MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) genre or category made for smartphone platforms, namely Android and iOS. Please note, that the MOBA game is an online game with 5 vs 5 players.

Usually, MOBA games are played using a PC or computer platform like the DOTA 2 game. As the game progresses, several MOBA games were created that were made for mobile or smartphone platforms and one of them is Mobile Legends.

But, what if you don’t have a smartphone and instead have a PC? Is there a way to play the Mobile Legends game on a PC? The way to play Mobile Legends on a PC or computer is to use an Android emulator.

The Android emulator itself is a software that allows you to use an Android on a PC. By using an Android emulator, you can install and play all the games on the Google PlayStore like an Android smartphone, including the Mobile Legends game.

How to Play Mobile Legends on PC Using an Android Emulator

There are various kinds of Android emulators available that you can install for free from the internet. You can choose the Android emulator that suits your needs. However, to play Mobile Legends, we recommend the Android emulator Nox, MEmu, andGenymotion.

The three emulators above are the best choices for us because they are relatively small in size compared to other Android emulators and don’t take up too much RAM. In addition, the three Android emulators have received regular updates so far.

Suitable for PCs or laptops with specifications that are not too high. You can download the three Android emulators from the official website via the link below:

Download Nox

Download MEmu

Download Genymotion

The first thing to do before playing Mobile Legends on a PC / laptop is to download and install the Android emulator of your choice. After that, open the Android emulator.

When you first open it, you have to set a few settings first like when you opened a new smartphone. The most important thing here is to make sure that yousign inusing your Google account so you can open Google PlayStore and install Mobile Legends.

After entering, just open the GooglePlay Store application on your Android emulator and search for Mobile Legends through the search box provided. Install as usual like installing on an Android smartphone.

Before starting to play Mobile Legends, you can set your ME settings first. Look at the tab on the right, click the button with thegear icon.

The MEmu settings window will open. You can adjust how much RAM capacity you want to use, the resolution andframe rate you want. Please set it according to the specifications of your PC / laptop so that MEmu can work optimally. If, click the Save button and restart MEmu.

Just open the Mobile Legends game on MEmu. Then you can immediately play the Mobile Legends game on your PC / laptop using the MEmu Android emulator.

The graphics you get depend on the PC specifications you are using. Also, make sure that the internet that you are using is good and fast enough so that you can play ML on your PC / laptop smoothly.

The MEmu emulator has aKey Mapping feature that allows you to play games using customizable keyboard keys. You can open key mapping settings via the button with the keyboard icon on the right side tab.

Playing Mobile Legends on a smartphone and on a PC is not much different. You only need to adjust yourself if you want to play Mobile Legends on PC using an emulator and most importantly get more practice.

That’s how to play the Mobile Legends game on a PC using an Android emulator. In this way, you can feel the thrill of playing MOBA mobile games on your PC.

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