How To Play Whatsapp Audios In New Way

The company introduces a new option that will allow audios to be played in succession. WhatsApp introduced one of the functions that today are essential for users of this platform: voice memos. Here is play whatsapp audios.

How to Play Whatsapp Audios in New Way
How to Play Whatsapp Audios in New Way

An option, which has become a real alternative to traditional messages, through which millions of users communicate with third parties through sound clips that can be played again and again.

Since then, this feature has hardly suffered variations. However, and since more and more people are choosing this option, the company has introduced important developments in 2018.

During these last months, the company has developed an option for users to block voice notes and to listen to before being sent. Now, the company launches a novelty to play WhatsApp audios in succession.

How to play WhatsApp audios

If you are tired of giving each individual sound clip when you have been sent more than one voice note, you are in luck.

Through a new update, which has reached the preliminary stages of iOS for the first time, the company will allow you to play one audio after another when you receive two or more messages in a row,as WabetaInfo collects.

To know that you have jumped from one WhatsApp audio to another, the instant messaging platform willplay a sound to let you know that you have advanced to the next sound clip.

Thanks to this, the user will not have to be pressing the play button again and again in order to hear that important message.

Other WhatsApp news

Beyond this important update,the company has introduced small innovations in the preliminary phase of WhatsApp for iOS . From a new simpler context menu, which is displayed vertically, to the possibility of responding to WhatsApp stories with more options.

From now on you can send a document, a location, a contact or sound clips, among other things.

Therefore,the instant messaging service continues to introduce small innovations while working on more relevant ones.

From the dark mode, from which its preliminary design has already been filtered, to a holiday mode, linked accounts orstickers, one of the most anticipated functions by WhatsApp users.

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