How To Put Password To Applications On IPhone

Put Password to Applications on iPhone: One of the functions most demanded by users to Apple is to be able to put passwords to each application on their iPhone or iPad.

How to Put Password to Applications on iPhone
How to Put Password to Applications on iPhone

However, Apple has not implemented this option at the moment in iOS natively. Apple leaves that work in the hands of developers, if they want their apps they can have a password.

Although there is no native option in iOS, there is a little trick that we can use to password any application we have on the iPhone or iPad without jailbreak or anything like that. For this, we will use the new option Time of use that includes iOS 12.

Put Password to Applications on iPhone

iOS 12 came with a very interesting novelty that allows us to limit the use we make of our iPhone. Thanks to the Time of use, we can not only know how much we have used an app, we can also restrict the time we use it with a password.

This daily time limit of using an app can be used to put the password to applications on the iPhone easily. To do so we just have to follow these steps:

  • We go to Settings> Usage time on our iPhone or iPad.
  • Click on the option Use code for “Time of use” .
  • Enter the password we want to use to unlock the applications.
  • After entering the code, click on All devices at the top.
  • Below we will see the apps we use the most, clicking on Show more will all appear.
  • Select the app we want to block with a password and click on Add limit.
  • You can select all the apps you want to block with a password by clicking on Edit apps.
  • We define a time limit of only 1 minute and click on add.

From now on when we want to enter the app we will see a message that we have reached the time limit, if we want to enter we click on Ask for more time and we must enter the password that we have defined previously. Then we choose how long the iPhone app will be without a password.

This is a somewhat elaborate option, but it is the only way we have to put password to the applications in iOS. It is also a reversible option that we can eliminate when we want to edit the options from Time of use.

Hopefully, Apple will improve these options at some time and allow the user and not the developers to choose whether or not they want to put a password to the apps of their iOS devices and you can block the applications with your fingerprint or your face thanks to Touch ID or Face ID. And do not forget that timely finding the phone using such services as callmyphone will secure both your phone and its apps.

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