How To Remove Root On Your Smartphone

Remove Root: Android allows you to root your smartphone, to access the file system and for example install applications that were not originally intended for Android, or customize the system to the extreme.

how to Remove Root on Your Smartphone
how to Remove Root on Your Smartphone

Manipulation is also used to take advantage of pirate applications. But for some time some applications like Netflix for example refuse to open on rooted smartphones. Here’s how to remove the root on your smartphone to enjoy it again!

Rooting your smartphone is essential to access the mysteries of the Android operating system and make it do things that are normally impossible. However, more and more applications refuse to launch if they detect that you have rooted your smartphone.

A way of guarding against the risks of hacking, or using a premium service without paying. What make the removal of root necessary in order to take advantage of all your applications! In this quick tutorial we suggest you use one of the simplest methods: via SuperSU. It is also usually possible to do this by updating the smartphone or restoring its factory settings.

How to remove root on your Android smartphone

To remove root on your Android smartphone:

    • InstallSuperSUfrom the Google Play Store
    • Go to theSettingstab
    • Scroll down and touchFull unrootand confirm
    • When SuperSU closes, restart your smartphone
    • Uninstall SuperSU

Tada! You are now the proud owner of a very normal smartphone. We told you, it is generally possible to de-root your smartphone simply by updating it. In general, updates indeed break the code that allowed your smartphone to be rooted.

Of course, if these two methods do not work, there is always the option of factory settings. Have you rooted your smartphone? What use do you find there? Share your feedback in the comments of this express tutorial!

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