How To See Games On Kodi: Try Sportowa Addon

Kodi football streaming: here is the Sportowa addon. Free football on Kodi: try the new Sportowa addon. Sportsdevil alternative to watch football and games with Kodi

How to See Games on Kodi: Try Sportowa Addon
How to See Games on Kodi: Try Sportowa Addon

See games on Kodi with Sportowa

New day, new guide dedicated toYourLifeUpdatedreaders.Today in particular we will go to seehow and where to download but above all how to install Sportowa addon for Kodiupdated to the latest version available.

In short, I can tell you that it is a new and fantastic addon forKodijust released that allows you towatch all the sport and all the sporting eventsforfree in streamingwith a very good quality and more than enough stability.

Whether you are a fan offootball, F1, MotoGPor any other major or minor sport, withSportowayou can watch it for free in streaming using Kodi.

But let’s get to know thisSportowa addon for Kodi better.

How to see the games on Kodi with Sportowa

Sportowa,as anticipated, is anaddon for Kodiwhich is proposed as an alternative to the more well-knownSportsDevilandHulkStream.And at the same time it is a candidate as a partial alternativeto the more well-known Evil King,which we have already talked about a lot in the past, at least as regards the streaming of Italian and international sports, football, games and sporting events.

Just likeother similar Italian addons, this also allows you towatch thewhole sport for free:football, matches, Formula 1, MotoGP and much more.

Basically Sportowa “catches” the sporting events broadcast by these sites:

  • Sport365 Live
  • LiveLooker
  • TVP Sport
  • Crickfree
  • Strims World
  • Live Channels

and puts them at your disposal directly on Kodi. Considering that these are the most known and used streaming sports sites in the world, you can easily imagine that on Sportowa you will findANY sporting event to watch for free streaming.

The only “neo” is represented by the fact that most of these eventsare NOT broadcast in Italian,but in English or others. Fortunately, however, theaudio / video quality is almost always very high,which from my point of view undoubtedly compensates for the almost total absence of videos

Sportowa Addon Kodi download and installation guide

After the necessary introduction, if you also want to try this interesting addon on your Kodi, here are the steps you need to follow.

  • Launch Kodi
  • Go toSYSTEM>File
  • Double click onAdd Sourceand then on<None>
  • Enter the url click onDone
  • Rename the new source tombebe
  • Go back to the home page and click onAdd-on / First icon in the top left corner / Install from a zip file
  • Click onmbebe / repository.mbebe.zipand wait for the installation confirmation notification
  • Now click onrepository / mebe / Video Add-on / Sportowa TV / Install
  • The new add-on is now available on the Kodi home, in theVIDEO / Add-on Video / Save Addonpath

Now make yourself comfortable and choose the sporting eventyou want to watch for free in streaming thanks to Sportowa.

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