How To Take A Selfie With Siri

How to Take a Selfie With Siri: Siri can be useful for a number of things – some powerful, some more banal. When it comes to the trivial, asking Siri if he should take a shot from your mug can be one of the easiest.

How to Take a Selfie With Siri
How to Take a Selfie With Siri

How to take a Selfie with Siri

Using Siri to get a quick selfie is as easy as anything you ask Apple’s digital assistant to do. Long press the home button to call Siri. Or just say “Hey Siri” when you’ve set up this feature.

When Siri appears, say “Take a Selfie”. Really, it is.

The camera app is started with the front shooter already active. However, you have to press the button yourself. It’s kind of shit because keeping a selfie with the camera out of arm’s reach seems very useful.

The good news is that you can do more than just ask Siri to take a selfie. There are also some other quick camera commands that you can use as well.

Other camera commands for Siri

You can ask Siri to open the camera with one of the predefined settings by saying:

  • Make a square picture
  • Take a panoramic picture
  • Take a square selfie

Siri’s photographic skills are not limited to images. You can also ask them to start the camera with various video options:

  • Record a video
  • Record a slow-motion video
  • Record a time-lapse video

If you have a problem with any of these issues, you may only need to work with Siri a little bit to make her understand you better.

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