How To Use Effects And Filters In Snapchat In An Easy Way

Effects and Filters in Snapchat: We have already talked about Snapchat the social of the cute little yellow ghost, famous both for the messages that self-destruct after a certain period of time, and for its fun effects.

How To Use Effects And Filters In Snapchat In An Easy Way

This article is dedicated to them: various effects that sell called lenses or filters (in our language “filters / lenses”).

Since their launch in 2015, filters – snapcha t lenses – have become a fundamental feature of social networks and allow, with a tap, to customize your selfies in a fun way.

How to Use Effects and Filters in Snapchat in an Easy way

Snapchat, for the uninitiated, is a social network devoted to the exchange of photos and short video clips that are made available for 24 hours; reminds you of the Stories of Instagram, WhatsApp (which calls them States ) and Facebook? It’s because these latest features were born precisely inspired by Snapchat.

Snapchat is accessible only through the app and the client is available for Android  and  iOS.

What are filters and how to use them

The Snapchat app looks almost like a regular camera app . In the center, there is what framed by the lens of your front camera and immediately next to the large shutter button, there is one in the shape of a smiley face.

By clicking on it, you can scroll through all the nice filters available, all dedicated to selfie customization. Very famous is the puppy filter which has been used by many celebrities and allows you to add puppy’s ears and nose to our photos.

Once the lens of your choice has been selected, simply frame it to make it automatically applied. Some lenses include, like the puppy filter, they require automatic stickers to be applied to parts of the face. In this case you will have to frame yourself frontally to help the app recognize your physiognomy.

At each update the list of filters is modified and therefore with the latest versions, new filters will be added while others are removed. If these aren’t enough, don’t worry, there are various ways to have more special effects in Snapchat.

Add effects on Snapchat

There are two main ways to go beyond the basic proposed filters:

  • the first method is to enter the filter menu via the smiley icon and swipe upwards (or click on the small icon with two smileys at the bottom left). The menu will then open with a very long list of lenses preferred by the community.
    • the second method , if not even the filters preferred by the community are enough for you, you can add others from the network, there are dedicated sites the best is the portal dedicated by Snapchat itself

On the portal there are thousands of always original lenses , some are really fantastic. This variety is due to the initiative of the company that has released a convenient tool with which each member of the community can have fun creating and sharing new filters , this has led to an authentic explosion of creativity.

Using any of these filters is simple:

  • open the app;
  • go to this page;
  • choose the lens of your interest and press the purple ” Unlock lens ” button;
  • Snapchat will then open and a dialog will ask if you want to add the filter for 48 hours or if you want to share it with a friend;
  • press on “ Unlock for 48 hours ” to see the filter added to the list and then be able to use it.

Snapchat geofilters on photos and videos

After taking a photo or taking a short video clip you can apply filters, there are some related to the position that say where you are in a fun way. These effects related to your GPS position and location services, are called Geofilters.

Applying a geofilter is very simple: just take a photo and make a video and then do various swipes from the right or scroll to the left of the screen until you find the filter you like.

Once the desired result is reached, you can press the ” Send to ” button at the bottom left (if you want to send the result to a contact), or the “History” button to insert it in the stories.


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