How To Turn Photos Into Emoji

Turn Photos into Emoji: Not everyone knows that using some applications, it is possible to create personalized Emojis to be used anywhere starting from your own photo.

How to Turn Photos into Emoji

With the advent of Animoji on iPhone X, everyone started wanting to create these particular Emojis, but unfortunately, they are only available on iOS.

Now, thanks to the tools that I will explain later, you can also have fun in creating Emoji using your face. They can also be valid alternatives to the classic Emojis that are used on WhatsApp or Telegram.

What to turn photos into Emoji

To transform photos into Emoji you can use different services, be they applications or integrated tools. The choice is totally subjective to make, therefore, according to your needs.

The GBoard keyboard

Many do not know that among the many functions that the Google home keyboard offers, there is also the one to create Emojis starting from your photo. If you don’t have the GBoard application, you can download it for free for both Android and iOS. Once the application is installed, all you have to do is go to any messaging service where the keyboard appears and follow a few simple steps.

  • Click on the sticker icon next to the Google button
  • Access Settings (found to the right of the icons)
  • Continue on Browse
  • Click on Create

At this point the application will ask you to take a photo and, subsequently, you will find a series of personalized Emojis, all obtained from your face.

In addition, you can also further customize the various Emojis to your liking, in order to make them even more faithful to your person. All the Emojis you will get can be used on all messaging services, and also on social networks such as Facebook and Instagram.


Bitmoji is the most popular application, available on Android and iOS, to create Emojis from your photos. You can create your avatar starting from a preset base, or, as in the case of GBoard, starting from a photo of yours and then customize it to your liking. Even the emojis created with this application can be used with many applications, including various social networks.

MomentCam Cartoons and Stickers

This application, freely downloadable for both Android and iOS, not only allows you to create emojis from your own photos, but also allows you to customize them with cartoon/comic style filters. In fact, taking a photo and waiting a few seconds, you will immediately get your caricature and you can choose to customize both the filter and the various parameters, to make it seem as faithful as possible to the starting subject. The application offers both a free plan and various paid plans which will allow you to unlock all available features.

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