How to Use Proxy on Telegram

This tutorial is how to use proxy on telegram, movies or anime so that your download/streaming process is fast and slow. Have you ever tried to open a telegram channel to watch, and even though you’re using a wifi network, your downloads and streaming don’t work at all? Well… The tutorial from this compilation is the right solution to solve your problem.

How to Use Proxy on Telegram
How to Use Proxy on Telegram

How to Use Proxy on Telegram

What is Telegram Proxy Function?

So the proxy function in Telegram is a server that functions as an intermediary so that we can open content that is blocked by the provider we use.

To make it easier, this proxy functions more or less like a VPN that we use when we want to visit sites that are blocked by the government.

The difference is, we can get a proxy on Telegram without having to install other applications because the proxy feature is provided by Telegram itself.

Just like sites that provide illegal movies, dramas, anime and others, watching on Telegram is also an illegal viewing route.

Because of the rampant piracy of films on telegram, this is what causes channels to watch dramas to be blocked by the government so that we cannot stream or download the dramas we like.

Therefore, people began to learn how to use a proxy on telegram to avoid slow internet when they wanted to watch or download drama/anime and other movies on telegram. Of course, watching a subscription on a legal site will be more comfortable and beneficial for all parties!

How to Use a Proxy on Telegram

1. Open the Telegram app

The first step we have to do is open the Telegram application both on an Android phone and via the desktop version of Telegram on a PC / laptop. If you don’t have the telegram application, please download and install the application first or you can also use the web telegram which doesn’t need to be downloaded to our device.

For how to use a proxy on Telegram, there is no difference in both the Android phone version and the desktop version, namely PC/laptop. So here we will learn only 1 tutorial that can still be used in various versions of Telegram!

After opening the Telegram application, we will see the home page of the Telegram application which contains chats on our account both private, channel and group chats that look like this.

2. Click the Search Column or “Search”

The next step is to press the search field or “search” on the telegram application. Well… If you don’t know, the search button on Telegram is very important, you know! We can search for channel names and discussion groups through this search button.

The search menu in Telegram functions globally, so… As long as we know the username of the group or channel, then we can join all channels from various countries.

You can find the search field in Telegram by clicking on the icon or symbol shown in the example image above. Actually, if you already understand how to use a proxy in Telegram in this tutorial, then you can also find a lot of other knowledge to find the channel you need.

3. Type and Search for “Proxy” in the Search Field

After pressing the search icon or “search” then we can directly type “proxy” so that we find various channels that provide many proxy servers that we can connect to facilitate the download and streaming process on telegram.

In the proxy channel list above, you can see that there are lots of proxy channels even from various countries that we can choose at will according to the language we use.

4. Choose One of the Proxy Channels You Like

The next step of how to use a proxy on telegram is to choose a proxy channel. In the picture below we can see that there are many channels that provide proxy servers that we can use. You are free to choose the proxy channel you like or if you think is the most trusted proxy channel.

I myself usually use a proxy channel that is located at the top, namely “Proxy MTProto” because this channel has the most subscribers among channels that provide other proxy servers.

Here I will give an example by selecting and clicking on the “Proxy MTProto” channel which is located at the top so that you can directly enter the chat room of this channel.

5. Select the server you want to connect to

After selecting the proxy channel you want, you will see a chat room display on the channel that provides the proxy server. Well… There are lots of proxy servers provided as shown in the image below. You can choose a proxy server by clicking “Connect” on the proxy server you want.

After we click the connect button on the proxy server we choose, then our step will be to see the server address details that appear in the proxy channel chat room.

Furthermore, so that how to use your proxy is really done, then you can click “connect proxy” in the pop up display that looks like the image below.

Usually, I never join any channel because one of the advantages of Telegram is that I can see the contents of group chats and channels that are not private, even though we don’t join the group and channel. But you can click join this proxy channel to anticipate if you forget the name of your favorite channel.

6. Check Connected Proxies

After we complete the fifth step of the tutorial on how to use a proxy on Telegram, then we only need to check whether the proxy is connected to our Telegram account.

Now if you have connected to a proxy, then we will see the shield logo with a check mark at the top of the homepage, which is more precisely on the right side of the search button.

7. Done

It’s done! Yeppp! If you have seen the shield logo with a check mark, then you can return to the channel, anime and other movies. Try downloading or streaming, it must have been able to run normally and quickly.

Before using a proxy, usually if you download the progress is only 0 kb, then after using a proxy your download will run quickly and you don’t have to wait a long time to complete.

How are you? How to use a proxy on telegram is very easy, right? Now you can freely watch your favorite movie or drama without worrying about the process. your downloads or streams are slow.

Although using a proxy on Telegram can solve the problem of your slow network when you want to watch or download movies you like, we still have to make it a habit to watch movies legally by subscribing to certain application sites such as Viu, Netflix and so on.

I myself subscribe to several film and drama provider applications. But I use telegram to prevent spoilers that come from various social media which makes me not 100% enjoy the atmosphere while watching.

Because usually, for the official application version there will be a rather long delay to translate into Indonesian and I really don’t like spoilers hehe.

If you are still a student and don’t have enough money to subscribe to a film or drama provider application, then promise to pay a subscription fee if you have an income in the future!

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