Steps to See Telegram ID 2021

Don’t know how to view Telegram ID? Relax, through the following discussion we have complete information about this, so stay tuned for this article until the end.

Steps to See Telegram ID
Steps to See Telegram ID

Steps to See Telegram ID 2021

To find out the ID or Telegram user information can be done in a very easy way. In this process, you can see complete data regarding the cellphone number used, biodata to username.

Regarding the process, do you need a bot or Special Channel? The answer isNO. How to view your Telegram user information doesn’t need any conditions, not even an internet connection.

Even Telegram also allows you to view Telegram IDs from other users. So, curious as to how to do it? just take a look at the complete tutorial below.

How to View Telegram User Information on Your Own

First, we will run a tutorial to see your own Telegram ID. This method can be applied byTELEGERAM FOR PC users. No need to linger, let’s just go to the following tutorial:

1. Open the Telegram Application

Pleaserun Telegramon PC. Make sure you haveloggedin to the service.

2. Tap Menu Options

On the home screen, just tap the three parallel lines icon in the top right corner (Options menu).

3. Select Settings

Then select theSettingsmenu (depending on the language used).

4. Select Edit Profile

Finally, tap Edit Profile, then you will see complete information about your own Telegram ID.

How to View Other People’s Telegram User Information

Apart from seeing your personal Telegram ID, you can also view detailed Telegram user information in your contacts. This process can be done in the following ways:

1. Tap a contact

First open the Telegram application on the smartphone. After that,select the contactwhose ID you want to know on theChat List.

2. Select a Contact Name

If so, tap theContact / User Nameas we marked in the image above.

3. Complete ID appears

Finally, on the cellphone screen, theuser IDwillappear, complete withinformationon the cellphonenumber, bioandusername.


What is Telegram ID?
Information data contains contact numbers, other names and biographies of Telegram users.

Do all Telegram users have a username?
No, the information is Optional, meaning it may or may not be filled in.


So that’s the procedure for viewing Telegram ID on PCs and Smartphones that we can present. Through the method above, you can find out personal IDs and other users on the Telegram application.

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